The AW12 Liberty Art Fabrics collection

Tuesday 26th June 2012, 17.03

Scissors at the ready, our Autumn Winter 2012 Liberty Art Fabrics collection has arrived!

Just arrived in store and online, this collection celebrates the innovation of the textile process through an exploration of the broad spectrum of textile technique.

The prints are inspired by historical and current textile design including block printing, weave, embroidery and needlepoint, as well as the latest digital printing techniques. Colour palettes are based on an amalgamation of shades from Kew Garden, The Liberty Archive, dye shades and locations such as the National Trust properties Wightwick Manor and 2 Willow Road.

Emma Mawston, our Head of Design talks us through the 6 design groups in the collection:


Being the first part of the textile process, designs inspired or created from woven fabrics were naturally the best choice for us to begin the collection.

Inspiration for this group originated from a visit to a bespoke weaver called Stephen Walters. Founded in 1720 the company moved to Suffolk in 1894. Still family- run by Julius Walters, they have a huge archive of designs and a large design studio working on new collections and bespoke orders. The entire fabric production of the weave takes place in one building – the design and yarn dyeing, weaving, finishing and inspecting.

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Block printing was our next chosen group as it takes us back to the origins of textile printing. The art of carving wood blocks is technically known as xylography. Wood blocks are cut along the grain of the wood and are carefully cut away with a knife/chisel or sand paper; multiple blocks were of course used for designs with more than one colour.

Our block printing Xylography experience started with an amazing trip to Anstey Wallpapers in Loughborough. Although not producers of fabric, Anstey still produce beautiful hand blocked paper – where their minimums are 6 rolls. They are the largest contract wallpaper covering printer in the UK and have the broadest machine profile in Europe. Anstey operate at the premium end of the market and also work on restoration and bespoke projects among which are commissions for royalty.

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Printing and Dyeing

This group was created to showcase the amazing printing skills and techniques that go into a rotary or screen printed Liberty Art Fabric and that each design portrays a different printing hurdle.

In an age where digital and one colour basic screen printing is all the rage, it is refreshing to be able to offer a high end range of beautiful rotary and screen printed textiles.

The design team visited ‘Standfast and Barracks’, a British furnishing and apparel printer with a heritage stretching back 80 years. They offer a wide range of specialist printing techniques and dye shades. The Liberty Art Fabrics team worked with the studio at Standfast to develop new looks and techniques when printing.

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This is a three dimensional decoration of fabric which we have printed to represent embroidery, appliqué, needlepoint and lace work.

For this collection, the design team worked with Raymond Honeyman. He designs prints for a broad spectrum of bases, but he is best known as being one of the main designers for Erhman tapestries. The first design he sold after graduating from University, called ‘Snowdrops’ was bought by Liberty.

Raymond believes creating a beautiful piece of art work is as much a part of the process as the beautiful end product. He paints out every stitch for his needlepoint designs, each of which is made up of 50,000 stitches. The design he has hand painted this collection, Paisley Cascade uses 22,000 dashes of colour.

Raymond also hand drew the grid he painted his design on as he couldn’t find any graph paper he liked!

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This collection is based on processing new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials.

In the strictest sense, recycling of a material would produce a fresh supply of the same material e.g. recycling old archive patterns into new ones. As this is often quite complex, recycling of many products or materials involves their re-use in producing different materials. We have explored both and although not a textile technique officially, our textiles have recycled and reused to create new textiles so we wanted to include it within our collection.

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Although we pride ourselves on our main collection being primarily rotary and screen printed, it’s very important not for us not to ignore new technology, plus the ecology and versatility of digital printing. The most amazing designs can be created from photography, computer pixilation and high colour works of art.

Our aim is to try and emulate the beauty and diversity of screen printed Liberty in a capsule collection of desirable digital prints.

Tim Head, a world renowned digital artist was the original inspiration for this group.

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Feeling inspired to start your very own craft or fashion project? Find the full fabric collection in store now on the 3rd floor, or online here


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