Wrap your presents in Liberty print this Christmas

Tuesday 13th November 2012, 17.43

Make your presents stand out under the tree this year and gain some extra acclaim for your wrapping skills with our easy to make Liberty print wrapping. Follow our step-by-step guide below to create a simple bow and ribbon. We’ve used Betsy print D, but you can choose any print you wish to match your wrapping theme.

You will need:

1 piece of Liberty print fabric per bow – approx 10 x 15cm depending on the size of bow you’d like to make

1 piece of Liberty print fabric per ribbon – approx 2.5 cm wide and as long as needed (we made ours 1m long)

Needle and thread 


Step 1

Fold the long edges of the fabric in once, leaving an equal gap in in the middle so it looks as if the width is divided into three equal sections.

Step 2

Fold the short edges in on themselves to make a small square.

Step  3

Using a needle and thread, gather the middle with three-to-four straight stitches, making sure sure you leave thread at each end, as you’ll need to use this to gather. Make sure you catch all of the fabric folded at the back in the thread and it is secure.  Hold both ends of the thread and pull the ends tightly to create the centre of the bow.

Step 4

Wrap the remaining length of thread around the centre of the bow to create the shape. Knot in place and trim any excess thread.

Step 5

Take your long length of fabric, cut for the ribbon. Folding the edges of the longest side in, and then folding in half again so the raw edges are concealed. Iron in place and stitch a line down each side to secure.


Step 5

Cut a small piece of the ribbon (about 3cm long) and wrap this around the centre of the bow to cover the thread binding. Secure at the back with a couple of stitches.

Your bow is now complete and can be sewn onto the ribbon or attached with double sided tape straight onto your presents.

Ready, set, sew! And don’t forget to share your creations with us on our Facebook page



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