DIY Liberty Print Christmas Stocking

Tuesday 5th November 2013, 17.32

One of favourite fellow craft bloggers, Sania Pell, has returned again to share with us one of her beautifully stylish craft tutorials just in time for Christmas. Sania is a professional interior stylist working for magazines such as Elle Decoration as well as numerous other titles. She is also the author of two interior craft books, bestseller The Homemade Home and her follow-up, The Homemade Home for Children. Her blog, Sania Pell At Home is a place where she shares more ideas for things to make and do.

These festive stockings are easy to make and add a little Liberty style to Christmas. Mix and match different patterns, buttons, trims and motifs to add visual interest. The memories associated with these hand-made pieces, will be treasured for years to come, they could easily become family heirlooms passed down to future generations of children to hang on Christmas Eve.


Materials and equipment
Fabric that won’t fray when cut – such as suiting wool, felt, finely woven linen.
Pencil and paper to draw a larger template
Sewing machine
Fabric scissors
A mix of Liberty print fabric in different scales and patterns
Bondaweb/Heat bond
Buttons for covering
Ribbons and trimmings
Needle and thread
Lace flowers (optional)
Beads (optional)
Wool to make pompoms

Liberty fabrics used:
Joyce A Tana Lawn
Capel F Tana Lawn
Wiltshire S Tana Lawn
Mitsi Valeria C Tana Lawn
Mitsi D Tana Lawn
Marco A Tana Lawn
Glenjade in red Tana Lawn

Step 1: Measure your base fabric to make your stocking, either with one piece folded in half or two pieces pinned together. The stockings are 60cm long by 25cm wide from heel to toe with a top opening of 17cm diameter. You can adjust the sizing to suit the size of your fabric or make the stocking wider to accommodate larger gifts.

Step 2: Print out the template for reference and draw out a template on paper to the appropriate size. If you do not feel confident drawing then a photocopy shop can scale it up for you. Then pin the paper shape to your base fabric and cut out, so when you cut you end up with two pieces of stocking shaped fabric.

Step 3: Iron bondaweb onto the reverse of your chosen Liberty print fabrics.

Step 4: Cut out a toe, heal, top band and stars or flower shapes to the appropriate sizes and pin them in place, bondaweb side down.

Step 5: Iron them in place on a medium heat. You only need to do one side of the stocking if being hung, but you could do both sides of the stocking if you prefer.

Step 6: Add Liberty print covered buttons, vintage lace flowers, beading and vintage buttons to add interest.

Step 7: Pin the two sides together and stitch with a small border of 0.5cm using the sewing machine.

Step 8: Stitch a 15-20cm length of ribbon in a loop on to the top band to hang the stocking and embellish with extra trims.

Step 9: Sew on optional pompoms and tags to make the stockings more personal.


To make the pompoms:
Cut out two circles of card 8cm in diameter with a 3cm hole in the middle. Wind the wool round and round until the hole in the middle becomes small. Cut through the center of the two pieces of card and tie a piece of wool securely around the two and pull. Trim the length of the wool down until a thick pompom is achieved, stitch onto the stocking.

To make the tags:

Cut out a rectangle of fabric, snip off the corners and make a hole for the ribbon. Cut out letters or shapes such as birds from the fabric and iron into place with bondaweb.


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Photographs by Joanna Henderson 



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