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Friday 3rd January 2014, 11.25



There are plenty a project in The Liberty book of Simple Sewing, if you already have it and have made all the projects we also have our first book  The Liberty Book of Home Sewing if you are looking to brighten up your home. Don’t worry if you’re not a  fully fledged sewer yet, there are lots of projects where a sewing needle is not even needed.



All you need is one metre or less of medium-weight cotton fabric in your favourite print to make a cute cumulus-shaped cushion.


For the large cushion

70 x 90cm Liberty Lifestyle craft fabric in print of your choice (we used Garnett in colourway C)

For the medium cushion

110 x 35cm Liberty Lifestyle craft fabric in print of your choice (we used Woolf in colourway C)

For the small cushion

100 x 30cm Liberty Lifestyle craft fabric in print of your choice (we used in Catherine colourway C)



Matching sewing thread

500g safety standard polyester cushion filling

Sewing machine

Sewing kit



Copy the template, enlarging it by 250%, 325% or 400%, depending on the size cushion.


Cutting out from Liberty Lifestyle craft fabric

Two clouds in your chosen size (one reversed)


The large, medium and small cushions are made in the same way, regardless of size.


Pinning the cover together

Place the two clouds together with the right sides facing inwards. Match up the curves and pin round the outside edge, leaving a 15cm gap at the bottom.



Sewing and trimming the seam

Sew the cushion together with a 15mm seam. To maintain a consistent width, you should line the edge of the fabric up with the 15mm mark on the footplate as you sew. Start at the left edge of the gap and reinforce both ends of the seam with a few reverse stitches. Trim the seam allowance back to 1cm all round.

Notching the seam allowance

Now cut out a series of small notches around each curve to create a smooth outline. Cut to within 2mm of the stitch line and space the notches about 4cm apart; closer together on the tighter curves. Snip a deep ‘v’ shape at the inward points where the curves meet.

Turning the cover right side out

Press back the 1cm seam allowance along the bottom edge, then turn the cover right side out through the opening. Ease out the curved seams, then press the cover, pulling gently on the inward points to allow the fabric to stretch.

Filling the cushion with stuffing

Fill the cover with the polyester cushion filling. Keep a continuous stream of stuffing going into the cushion and push it right up into each curve; do not break the stuffing off in clumps as the cushion can become oddly lumpy.


Sewing up the opening

Pin the two sides of the opening together. Using small neat slip stitches, hand sew it closed. Mould the finished cushion with your hands to distribute the filling evenly within the cover. Pass a warm iron over the curves to remove any remaining creases.

THE LIBERTY BOOK OF SIMPLE SEWING published by Quadrille (£20)


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  1. This is a lovely item to make and not too challenging! Liberty Tana lawn is one of my favourite fabrics for using in my quilts. A comfy cloud cushion to match will go well with my sofa quilt! I really enjoy your craft tutorials and made some liberty xmas tree decorations after reading your the post about making those.

  2. Miss Manitas says:

    I love this pattern!!! Is absolutely cute!!!

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