How to personalise sketchbooks with rubber stamps

Wednesday 27th November 2013, 17.36

Add that personal touch to a gift by making your own stamps from rubber erasers. Simple and easy to do, you can choose your own theme and design. We’ve chosen to decorate sketchbooks, but you could use this technique on anything whether it be wall art or cushions. We have chosen to use Wells and Newbury from the Liberty Lifestyle Stile collection.

You will need:



Double sided tape/ Spray mount



Knife/ carving tools


Follow the Step by Step tutorial below

Firstly start by covering your sketchbook. Lay your chosen piece of fabric underneath the open sketch book leaving about 2.50cm all around the book. It’s optional to cut the fabric with pinking shears, but this will help the fabric from not freying.

Using either double sided tape or spray mount, apply to the front of book and lay the fabric on top, smoothing down and lining up the fabric if it is not an all over pattern.

Cut a slit in the middle where the spine runs for the fabric to be folded over evenly on each side with ease. Add a strip of double sided tape around the edge of the inside of the book. Fold the fabric over and make a neatened edge by mitering the corners.

Next cut two pieces of card to sit inside the sketchbook, leaving a little bit of the fabric showing at the edge.

Now for the fun part, choose your design we have used the initial L and a heart for one of the books. Remember if you are personalising your sketchbook with letters or numbers they will need to be mirrored. You can do this by creating your design on a piece of tracing paper and transferring onto the rubber using a pencil on both sides.

When carving the stamp, take your time it helps to be precise as it will show when you print with your stamp.

We have used acrylic paint to stamp for it not to bleed and be hard wearing.

For our second sketchbook we have carved a stamp in the shape of a needle and have made it into a sketchbook to jot down all our sewing ideas. We finished it with a bit of hand embroidery.

Choose from a simple to an intricate design and experiment, there will be no stopping the stamp.


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