Learn how to make your own Liberty print Christmas wreath

Sunday 8th December 2013, 10.20


Hang one of these Christmas wreaths on your front door and it most certainly will get the neighbours talking for all the right reasons.

Use your favourite festive Liberty prints to make your own bespoke wreath. We have chosen to use Capel, ChiveEdenham, Nina, Phoebe, Tatum and Wilshire. Choose your favourite Classic Tana lawns here or visit the third floor in store.

What you will need

Coat hangers

Baubles (We have used two different sizes)

Variety of prints of your choice

PVA glue

Wire cutters

Firstly start by unravelling the coat hanger and bending it into a circular shape.

Choose a dark print to cover the coat hanger, this will help to camouflage the wire when it’s finished. Cut or rip a strip of fabric about 1.50cm in width and using a paint brush cover the coat hanger with PVA and wrap the fabric round. Do this in sections as you go along until the wire is covered.

Whilst your coat hanger is drying, you can begin to cover the baubles. Depending of what size your baubles, cut fabric circles according.

Wrap the fabric around the bauble, a good to trick to use is an elastic band to keep the fabric tight over the bauble and evenly distributed.

Use the gold ties that come with the baubles to tie around the neck of the bauble.

Start to thread the baubles onto the hanger building them up as you go and alternating different types of prints and baubles.

When you have completed adding the baubles cut the end of the coat hangers with a pair of wire cutters and twist the ends using pliers to close the circle, pull it as tight as possible so the baubles meet.

We have finished our Christmas wreath with a Liberty print bow, this can be tied where the wire has been joined together.

Your Christmas wreath is now complete and ready to hang up, if you have any spare baubles why not cover them with some Liberty print and hang them on your tree!
We would love to see your Liberty print projects share them with us by using #SewLiberty


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