NEW WINDOWS: The Cult of Beauty at the V&A

Thursday 10th March 2011, 19.16

Today saw the unveiling of our brand new windows here at Liberty, which are dedicated to the Cult of Beauty exhibition at the V&A

The new windows depict the themes of the Aesthetic Period in a contemporary and almost irreverent way. The first set of windows feature Punch cartoon wallpaper with caricatures of modern media icons such as Kate Moss, Meg Mathews, Tom Dixon, Jefferson Hack, Grayson Perry, Katie Grand and Tracey Emin.  This creates the backdrop for a selection of both Aesthetic Movement and complementary modern furniture.

The second set of windows feature the ubiquitous Aesthetic movement motif of blue and white china. The china is fashioned in to wall tiles with key 20th and 21st century happenings and figureheads on them (Superman sits next to recent cult figure Rastamouse and Albert Einstein adjacent to King Kong!).

And there’s more…there’s a window with upholstery moulding up from the ground, morphing in to a chair and covering a pre-Raphaelite mannequin plus, a further window which features another common Aesthetic motif, this time the Sunflower. Seeds form a carpet with one giant Sunflower rising up to fill the window.

The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900, sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch and further supported by Liberty, runs from the 2 April – 17 July 2011 at the V&A.

See photos of all the windows on our Facebook page

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  1. Andrew says:

    The windows look brilliant, saw them yesterday and loved the upholstery morphing chair, particularly with the other furniture you’ve added since those pictures were taken. Awesome stuff as usual.


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