How to find the perfect red lipstick with Hourglass Cosmetics

Friday 11th April 2014, 9.06



The experts at Hourglass reveal how to achieve a stunning red lip using Hourglass liquid lipstick, and the perfect cheeks and brows to go with it.

hourglass cosmetics

Heading up the make-up station at the Liberty ‘A Date with Denim’ event, experts from the Hourglass counter showed shoppers how to create the perfect red lip, and the best products to use with it.

If you’re unsure of which shade to go for, choose a universally flattering red with blue undertones.

“Blue tones usually suit warm skin – blue is quite cool so it offsets the warm tones in the skin. This Hourglass liquid lipstick is really good for both yellow-undertones and English rose skin type.”


Whether you’re going subtle or full-on brow:

“Always use thin strokes to build up the look so it doesn’t look drawn on. Pick a cool-toned colour so the shade stands out. Hourglass brow pencil is wax-based so it keeps the hair in place.”


Then, sweep Hourglass ambient lighting palette over the cheeks.

“Cheeks really depend on the look that you’re going for, but if there’s a lot of pinkness in your skin, you don’t want to go too pink with blusher. Choose a bright pink with a cool-toned base such as Ambient lighting palette in luminous flush to offset more yellow tones.”


The Best Desk Drawer Beauty Essentials For Work

Wednesday 9th April 2014, 12.06





The Liberty beauty buyers share their top desk drawer beauty buys every working woman should have.

Beauty Essentials For Work

These desk drawer essentials are the beauty must-haves every working woman needs. Whether you require a between-meetings pick-me-up or a speedy revival before post-work drinks, kit yourself out with our buyer’s handy arsenal of the best beauty products for work to get you through the day in one piece.

Get your day off to a great start with a nutrient powder packed with goodness. Baobab sachets are an excellent source of vitamin C, calcium, thiamine, potassium and fibre – all essential to help support the metabolism and immune system, and promote good skin health. Try this sprinkled on porridge or muesli, or blended into a lunchtime smoothie. On those mornings when you really need to look your best, reach for Instant Perfect by Sisley (available in-store) – ideal for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles while reducing shine, dilated pores and imperfections. Use it with a long-wearing shadow eraser from Trish McEvoy to brighten under-eye circles and banish signs of fatigue during a long day of meetings.

For daytime touch-ups, Chatecaille’s lightweight mineral-based powder with SPF is wonderful for creating a flawless look with a soft matte, natural finish. And it goes a without saying that every woman needs a lip gloss close to hand. Chantecaille’s Luminous Gloss in Pink Melon imparts instant polish – apply a simple sweep of its hydrating, smoothing formula across your lips for up to six hours of lasting shine. For an instant mood lift at any time of the day, few things work as well as fragrance. With its top not of centifolia rose, Le Labo’s Rose 31 is the perfect any-time-of-day scent; its intriguingly ambiguous woody and spicy notes offer lingering roundness and depth.

Busy hands are always hard at work and should be nurtured accordingly. Use Margaret Dabbs’ nail buffers to give nails a healthy sheen, while the sublimely rich but greaseless formulation of Aesop’s hand balm can transform even the most worn-out hands with its skin-softening emollients and fragrant botanicals. And don’t forget your cuticles: just a single drop of OPI’s skin-loving Avoplex avocado oil massaged into nails twice a day will nourish and restore moisture.

Office air conditioning and heating – not to mention the environmental elements we encounter every day – can wreak havoc on hair and skin. Mason Pearson hairbrushes (in-store only) not only tidy hair but clean it and stimulate the scalp by increasing blood flow to your roots as you brush. Sisley’s Comfort Extreme Nutritive lip balm (currently available in-store) is the ideal emergency treatment for distressed lips, while No.28 Lip Treatment Oil by Hourglass blends essential oils and vitamins for supreme softness every day. Finally, C.O. Bigelow’s Extra Strong Peppermints are an office essential. From morning meeting to your train journey home, their natural flavours impart lasting freshness throughout the working day.




Richard E. Grant introduces JACK

Monday 31st March 2014, 15.30



Discover Richard E Grant’s ‘signature in scent’, JACK perfume.

Richard E Grant perfume


A labour of love and the realising of a lifelong passion, Richard E Grant has launched a new perfume, JACK. As a much in demand actor, writer and director, his head-first dive into the world of scent has been as intriguing as the finished product. We caught up with the man himself to get an insight into the notes, noses and David-and-Goliath style challenges of becoming a perfumer.

Who have you found the most inspirational from your perfume-making journey?
I have been shown such astonishing generosity during the past two years, none more so than from Anya Hindmarch, who first saw me with my head in a gardenia bush in the Caribbean and asked if I had ever thought of creating a fragrance, noticing that I ‘missiled’ my nose to everything in sight. Anya put me in touch with key people and has always encouraged, supported and advised me along the way, whenever I have wavered in my faith or been faced with obstacles.

Marigay Mckee also put me in contact with Roja Dove who ‘educated’ me by testing my nose on a huge variety of oils to get a sense of my ‘palette’. He has ceaselessly advised, cajoled and encouraged me to pursue my dream of producing a scent. Catherine Mitchell at IFF took me on and arranged for me to meet Gina Ritchie and Sarah Coonan at Liberty, who offered to give JACK an exclusive year-long deal, based on my describing the perfume I wanted to create and the quintessentially British styled packaging I had sketched out. They were prepared to take a leap of faith which was crucial in creating the JACK brand. ‘Nose’ Alienor Massenet who transformed my amateur passion into a professional perfume is the person with whom I’ve been able to share my lifelong compulsion to sniff everything, without laughing me out of the room!

What’s the most important thing you discovered about the world of scent?
Anya Hindmarch and Lyn Harris both advised me that ‘Passion is everything. It cannot be faked and this will sustain you through the tough times which you will inevitably face’. All of which has proved to be true, especially when an American ‘Goliath’ sized company sued me for the brand name JACK claiming it to be too like one of their products. The protracted and costly legalese sorely tested my faith, but mercifully they withdrew their suit at the 11th hour and I won the trademark ‘battle’. Perseverance and passion is required on a daily basis. As it’s entirely self-financed, I’ve learnt very quickly that detail is everything and to triple crosscheck every single aspect of the business.

Did you have a clear idea of the scent that you wanted before you started experimenting, or did it evolve slowly?
When I met professional ‘Nose’ Alienor Massenet, I un-pocketed my favourite ingredients onto a restaurant table which included lime, marijuana leaves, mandarin, vetiver grass, pepper, and gardenia petals, which gave her a very clear idea of the earthy, citrusy scent I had dreamt of combining.

Alienor then sent me samples over a period of months which I tested on the Liberty perfume selling team for their expert advice and input, to ensure that it didn’t replicate or remind them of a perfume already in existence. Bev, Ruth, Stuart and Gerry (Liberty’s fragrance team) were ruthlessly honest and along with my friends whom I ‘nose’ tested, we reduced it to a shortlist. Then in the middle of the night, I had a ‘Eureka’ moment when I mixed two of these ‘almost but not quite’ favourites and knew that this was JACK. Alienor obliged and created the formula.

Did you have to sacrifice any favourite smells along the way in order to get the perfect blend?
As Gardenia has proved historically impossible to extract and is therefore always a synthetic, I had to forgo trying to bottle its lightning-like power, but I wanted to create a perfume that had its heady, hypnotic qualities.

How does creating a perfume rank with your acting, writing and directing achievements?
Starting a business has been the real challenge, as I failed all my maths at school, so the bean counting aspects have almost done my head in. However, when it’s your own money, you learn very fast to sniff out who is trying to rip you off. It best equates with my experience of writing and directing my autobiographical film WAH-WAH – everything is personal. All the ingredients are sense and memory ‘triggers’ and I believe that only by making something acutely personal, can you hope to create an original. Every choice and decision, no matter how informed by expert guidance, is yours, so there is no place to ‘hide’. Which leaves you very vulnerable to criticism on the one hand, but also hugely rewarded when it is endorsed and praised on the other. Like acting, you are constantly told you won’t succeed when you start out and similarly many people were very sceptical about my embarking in the perfume business. In the last month prior to launch date, it’s felt a bit like being a migrating wildebeest attempting to navigate across the croc-infested Mara river, wondering whether I will make it to the other side in tact, as everyone wants a piece of flesh!

Who do you see wearing your scent?
From experience, I know that people generally remain loyal to a brand from a very young age, and I am no exception. The scent you choose when you’re a teenager or twenty-something is so bound up with your burgeoning sexuality and need to establish your own identity, that I hope my unisex scent finds favour with the exceptionally brand savvy young generation who aren’t bound by the traditional divisions between what is perceived as masculine or feminine.

How does the Liberty heritage complement your brand?
Liberty is a unique, stand-alone store that is famed for its individuality and great personal service. Not being on every high street ensures that you will find things here that can’t be found anywhere else. Idiosyncratic and individualistic, it is the perfect partner for my quintessentially British JACK brand. Everything worthwhile in Life is personal and the attention to detail at Liberty transmits to the customer. You experience the benefit of the ‘edit’ that the creative team who run Liberty make when you discover the variety of unique things to buy.

How does JACK perfume make you feel when you wear it yourself?
I have always believed that scent is a key part of your invisible wardrobe, armour and identity. If you’re feeling less than confident, smelling good instantly makes you feel better. Our sense of smell is the shortest synaptic leap in the brain to our memory and wearing JACK makes me feel ‘complete’ and confident. The reaction it engenders from friends and total strangers has been unequivocally positive. What more of JACK could I ask for?

Where do you see your perfume brand going in the future?
Like cooks who constantly think of mixing different ingredients, I am always dreaming of scent combinations and have big plans to expand the JACK brand if it finds favour with customers. I am currently developing a JACK candle and room diffuser in time for Christmas as well as a second perfume to launch next year.
Jack perfume is available to buy exclusively at Liberty

Richard E Grant perfume


How To Get Perfect Legs with Kate Shapland

Tuesday 25th March 2014, 16.38





Beauty journalist and founder of Legology, Kate Shapland, shares her tips on how to get rid of cellulite and have beautiful legs

Kate Shapland Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs
Beauty Editor of The Telegraph Magazine, is an award-winning journalist with over 25 years of beauty writing experience. Her obsession with sculpting perfect legs, free of cellulite has seen her dedicate an entire blog on the subject as well as the launch of her first beauty product, Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs- the new generation cream that lightens heavy legs, discourages cellulite and oedema while toning and tightening the entire leg from ankle to buttock.As one of our guest speakers at our in-store beauty event, What’s Your Issue, Kate spoke about her passion for legs and shared her knowledge on cellulite and tired legs with eager attendees in her special two-hour ‘Legathon’. If you missed the event you catch up on all of Kate’s most important notes and tips in today’s guest blog.Legs – My PassionAs some of you might know, I’m passionate about legs – their beauty and their wellbeing. I think our legs have had a rather poor deal in the beauty world up till recently. The market is flooded with products that aim to fight cellulite, but not a whole lot else. And as all women know, there is more to our legs – and the issues we have with them – than this. Legs get puffy – especially during pregnancy, hot weather and long haul flights. Legs can feel tender and sore – especially after exercising. Lower legs can feel achy and sore – especially if you’ve been on your feet all day. And don’t even get me onto the balls of your feet after an evening in high heels. Ankles can puff up. Skin can get dehydrated, scaly even, lose its tone and go goosepimply. Stretch marks can come and go, and come back again to stay. Varicose and spider veins can develop, seemingly overnight, often after pregnancy. There is a lot that can go wrong with our legs.First of all though, I’m going to ask you all to do yourselves all a few favours:


1. If you’re sitting with your legs crossed, uncross them! Constantly crossing your legs can impede blood flow and exacerbate varicose veins.

2. Slip off your heels – I know you’re dying to do it!

3. Now give yourself some leg room, raise your legs a little and point your toes; now flex your feet by pushing down with your heels. Try and keep doing this intermittently over the next half an hour, it will stimulate your circulation and lymph, and help energise your legs.

tips for beautiful legs

Cellulite – A Real Issue

An issue that affects up to 99% of us in differing stages and forms. You can have cellulite on your thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach and upper arms. You can also have it on your calves, around your knees, and even on your ankles. I can personally vouch for that. Nobody had heard of it till the early 80’s. Until then, women were blissfully unaware of this so-called beast from planet cling-on. They had no knowledge of it. It was just fat. Today, of course, we all know what it looks like, most of us know what it feels like, and many wonder whether it can be spirited away. Can it? Hmm. Well this is where things get interesting and frustrating. The thing about cellulite is that we all have it for different reasons. Cellulite is a collection of fat and fluid which manifests in its familiar lumpy bumpy way because of the way our fat cells sit. It’s more predominant in women because our fat cells lie horizontally; in men they are vertical.

There are, however, a few common denominators in the formation of cellulite: these are your sex, your genes and your lymph. If you are prone to cellulite, you can thank your parents – especially your mother! In addition to these influences, being overweight, having fluid retention and being sedentary – in other words sitting at your desk all day – all contribute to cellulite in individual ways. So to make a difference to cellulite you need to identify your enemies – be it a combination of genes and sitting at a desk all day or overeating – address that, and then some.


Lymph Lightening

Over the past 20 odd years I’ve done more research into cellulite than any other beauty/wellbeing topic, and have concluded that while several factors contribute to cellulite, one in particular stands out. The lymph. People don’t often talk about the lymph. You usually read about the circulation, meaning blood flow – and indeed good circulation is integral to preventing cellulite. Lymph is rather different.  Lymph is the fluid that flows through your lymphatic system, carrying away bacteria to the lymph nodes where it’s destroyed. When your lymph and blood circulation are sluggish your body, and particularly your legs because of gravity, can feel heavy and congested. Fluid can get trapped in and around the fat cells and this can cause puffiness, especially in areas of cellulite. Any of you who have tried high protein diets may have noticed that while you lose weight your cellulite often looks worse. This is because carbohydrate – starch – encourages the body to hold on to fluid, and when it’s released, cellulite areas become less plumped and the lumps appear more angular and obvious. And as lymph has no natural pump – it moves when you move – keeping it active is key to keeping your legs light and uncongested.

cellulite treatment by kate shapland

Get Active

The solution then, if there is one for cellulite, but certainly where legs become heavy and feel tight and toxic, is to enhance the lymph and blood flow – to be active. Pump that circulation round – by any way, be it through good old exercise, massage or stimulation of any kind: this is why body brushing helps. If you want to improve your leg shape and health, try to do something everyday that activates the circulation: use a body brush in the shower, brushing from feet to knees, knees to thighs and over hips and buttocks. Always brush in a heartwards direction – up. Another excellent way to improve your circulation and skin tone is to spray your legs with intermittent blasts of warm and cold water with the shower head after a shower. Hard to do in the winter, easier in summer. Then apply your treatment cream or oil, massaging upwards again, from feet to knees, knees to thighs.

This is how I do it:

1. Begin at your feet and use your thumb to massage along the inside of your soles, across the bridge of your foot, and around the ankle. Use your thumbs as if you are pushing fluid around.
2. Work around your ankles and up your calves, using your thumbs to push upwards in lines, all round your shins and calves.
3. Massage around your knees; pinching the sides gently, kneading the backs to stimulate lymph – there are lymph nodes here.
4. Use your thumbs to push up the sides of your thighs, and then gently knead and pinch the sides.
5. If you have more time, focus on the Marma points on your legs and feet. These are areas on the body where flesh, veins, arteries, tendon, bones and joints meet. There are 22 points in total, 11 on each leg, and in Ayurvedic medicine stimulating them can help to ease congestion and enhance energy. Apply a little resting pressure to these areas:

- Centre front of thighs (urvi)
- Top of knee (ani)
- Lower point of knee cap (janu)


You can use an oil or cream to do this. I developed Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs specially to be used for massaging the legs, but also so it would absorb quickly and leave skin supple and scented with lemon. The whole point of my product is that it’s a joy to use, not a chore. Because I believe this is part of the science to good legs: the key is to be regular with your treatment – to enhance lymph and circulation regularly, so you need a cream that you love to use, so you want to use it everyday. Just as a bit of background, I developed this cream with powerful drainage qualities – two French complexes which promote lymph and help to flush excess fluid out, since I feel that the action of the lymph is key to good leg health and shape. I was inspired by a leg clinic I visited in Italy some years ago, by the elegant way they treated clients legs, the way they had thought through the diet. At this clinic, the detail was such that even the water you were given to drink had a special low dry residue, which means it had the least amount of unknown toxins in it. I felt that this detail and elegance was missing in the current leg care offering – everything we have is too practical, too much of a chore. I wanted to create a product that was uplifting in every sense – for your legs and your mind.


A Few Tips

• Puffy legs on a flight – always wear your flight socks, and put them on before you leave home. Point and flex your feet, just as you were doing earlier on, as often as you remember during the flight. Try to book a bulkhead seat, so you can stretch your legs out and raise them. Wear loose trousers – nothing that pinches or is tight around the ankle, knee or upper thigh.

• Seated at work – get up and walk around regularly, and point and flex your feet.

• Puffy legs in hot weather – lie flat on the floor, or your bed, and put your feet up against the wall at right angles for 10 minutes.

• Feeling bloated at the wrong time of the month – take a bath in Epsom or magnesium salts.

• Swollen feet – soak a towel in cold water, wring it out well, wrap it around your feet, and place them up against the wall at right angles.




#BeautyResolutions: Trish McEvoy’s Triangle of Light Technique

Friday 31st January 2014, 17.40


Banish tired eye and dark circles, and achieve a natural-looking, wide-awake glow with Trish McEvoy’s Triangle of Light technique.


Step 1

Prep the area using an eye serum to smooth out the surface and keep the skin hydrated. Try Trish McEvoy’s Beauty Booster Eye Serum.


Step 2

Using Trish McEvoy’s Instant Eye Lift in a shade that’s right for your skin tone, create an upside-down triangle under each eye and press into the skin using your finger, or the Trish McEvoy Professional Sponge.


Step 3

Apply additional concealer if additional coverage is needed with Trish McEvoy’s Flawless Concealer, then apply your foundation as normal.


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