Beauty Beat: Aurelia’s Repair and Rebalance Probiotic Facial

Monday 1st September 2014, 11.14




Have you booked in for you next facial? Well before you do, you might want to consider giving the new Repair and Rebalance facial by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare a try. Liberty Online’s Assistant Editor, Fiona Davies, reviews the new miracle treatment.

Aurelia Repair and Rebalance Facial

“Think back to the last time you had a really great facial. Within the last month? Maybe in the last year? Never? Well it’s certainly been a while since I’ve treated my skin to such a luxury. So when I was invited to try Aurelia’s new Repair and Rebalance Probiotic facial, I could almost feel my face jumping for joy at the thought of a full hour of pampering ahead. What followed did not disappoint.

My treatment began, as it should, with a quick chat with my therapist about my skin’s history before the first product of the treatment was applied. The wonderfully soothing Aurelia Skincare Miracle Cleanser all over my face and décolletage. I really love this cleanser, for its beautiful smell and gorgeous creamy texture. I use it often in my own everyday skincare routine and my skin seems to look undeniably smoother afterwards. The eucalyptus and chamomile are particularly great for calming the skin and treating blemishes.

Aurelia Skincare Facial Review

Next the Refine and Polish Miracle Balm; this facial polish is absolutely genius. Like a typical exfoliator, but with tiny granules so it’s very gentle on the skin, it works to clear away any lingering dead skin and brightens your complexion. Needless to say, my skin felt like satin once it had been rinsed off.

But the facial really came into itself during the Cell Repair Night Oil facial massage stage – a deep massage routine with one of the most incredible natural facial oils I have tried. The therapist spent a good 10 minutes working the oil in with a skilful, targeted facial massage that had me drifting off to sleep more than once!

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Review

Post-massage, Aurelia’s Rose Mask was applied and left to sink in while my therapist massaged my hands with the oil, releasing further tension. Once the mask was gently removed, the massage was completed with the Revitalise and Brighten Eye Dew – a roller ball that cools the eye area while applying a light serum to reduce puffiness. Finally the Day serum and moisturiser were applied to seal the deal.

What I loved most about this facial was the breadth of the Aurelia range that it covers. You really get to see the instant benefits of the brand’s best products, and come out the other side looking like you’ve been on holiday in the South of France for two weeks. My skin felt rich, moisturised, and plumper and I was glowing. Moreover, I felt like I’d just had the best beauty sleep of my life. I highly recommend it, whether for seasoned facialists or novices.”

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Aurelia’s Probiotic Repair and Rebalance facials are available at the Liberty Beauty Treatment rooms throughout the year. The next event is due on Wednesday 3 September. Find out more about the facial here, and browse our schedule of treatments here for future events.


Beauty Beat: Diptyque Figuier

Tuesday 5th August 2014, 14.28



Liberty celebrates Diptyque’s most popular perfume of fig-scented candles and perfumes, Figuier and Philosykos.

This summer we’re celebrating the iconic Parisienne perfumer’s best-loved fragrance, Diptyque Figuier scented candles and Philosykos perrfume. The fig-based scent is one of the cornerstones of the Diptyque classics range, thanks to its fresh yet sweet scent. Conjuring up feelings of warm and exotic locations – the Figuier/ Philosykos collection is the perfect scent for holidays and warm, sunny days.

Philosykos is the quintessential summer fragrance: when I smell it, I am transported to the Mediterranean Sea – Julie, Diptyque Counter Manager

Meaning ‘friend of the fig tree’, Philosykos is an ode to the entire tree, while Figuier sits among the range of Diptyque candles as a fresh, fruity fragrance intensified by white cedar.

diptyque greece

Diptyque Philosykos came about when one of the founders, Yves Coueslant, transported scented fig leaves back to Paris from Greece and found that they didn’t lose their scent, even after some years.

diptyque fig range

What I like most about Philosykos is the light and fresh scent which reminds me of a sunny day in Greece – Elizabeth, Sales Associate

Shop the Diptyque edit


Beauty Beat: A Cheat’s Guide to Flawless Foundation

Friday 18th July 2014, 16.42



Liberty Beauty Buyer, Sarah Coonan spreads her beauty tips on choosing and applying the right foundation for a flawless, expert finish.

Foundation is probably the most important step in any make-up routine. The wrong foundation, when poorly applied, can be really ageing and look mask-like. Luckily, finding the best foundation is much easier than you think and application doesn’t need to take hours. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite makeup tips and tricks to help you achieve an enviably flawless base.

Step 1. Find the perfect colour

Foundation should match your skin as closely as possible, and I recommend visiting a make-up counter for advice. Always test it on your skin and ideally in natural light. If you don’t feel confident the colour is quite right ask for a sample and try it at home. There’s nothing worse than investing in a great foundation and then not using it because the colour is poorly matched.


Step 2. Take a lesson

Nothing beats a one-to-one tuition with a great make-up artist. Pop into store for a lesson and you’ll pick up a handy arsenal of tips. The assistants on our beauty counters are make-up artists too and many of them do freelance work so they really know their stuff. Don’t automatically head to the brand you always use, have a look round and only seek advice from someone with flawlessly applied foundation. If theirs isn’t applied well I find it hard to take their advice seriously.


Step 3. Cherry pick

I’m a firm believer in finding the very best product you can, rather than buying everything from one brand. They may have the best foundations but if their primer or brushes aren’t up to scratch you aren’t going to get the best results. My make up bag is a big mix of products and the best ones for you will vary depending on your skin type, the time of year and what look you want to achieve. For me, I love Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation, Trish McEvoy Correct and Brighten for under the eye, and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage for any blemishes. I’m not keen on an overly powdered look so my go to products are either Chantecaille HD Powder or Hourglass Ambient Powder.


Step 4. Tailor your products

Depending on the look you want to achieve, you will need to use the right products. If you want dewy skin, a mattifying primer is going to work against you, so either skip the primer altogether or use something like Laura Mercier Radiance Primer. For velvety skin, I swear by Hourglass Veil Fluid Make Up and if you want a really natural look and don’t need too much cover you really can’t beat Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturisers.


Step 5. Find the right tools

Now you have the perfect products, you need to make sure you’re applying them correctly! Much of this is down to personal preference, but certain tools will help you achieve a really precise look. For an airbrushed finish, a damp Beauty Blender is a godsend. It’s quick, totally mistake-proof and gives the most beautiful coverage using just the right amount of product. When it comes to brushes, quality is the key. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, but do your research first. My favourites for foundation are: Trish McEvoy’s Sheer Mistake-Proof Brush, Hourglass No. 2 (the most versatile brush you will ever use) and London Brush Co. Pyramid Brush.


Step 6. Learn from the professionals

YouTube is an amazing resource where you can get advice from great artists and real people alike. Some of our favourites are Pixiwoo, Wayne Goss and Lisa Eldridge – and the beauty is you can practice while you watch. This is also a great way to get completely impartial advice about which products to use. Wayne Goss has some really great videos about foundation and applying it. His advice is super easy to follow and he is always brutally honest about the products.


Three Tips from Our Artists

Abida from Trish McEvoy

For an airbrushed finish use Trish’s Sheer Mistake Proof Brush to stipple on foundation. Using fast circular motions to blend gives you a really light, even coverage that you can build up.


Anastasia from NARS

I like using my fingers to apply foundation as the heat really helps to melt the product into your skin leaving a really natural finish. Alternatively, I like to use a Beauty Blender slightly wetted.

Yen – Shu Uemura

A good base to even out skin, correct pigmentation and bring down redness is essential for a flawless look. The key is to use a great primer of base product like our UV Underbase. Also, don’t overcompensate with foundation to cover up blemishes. Less is more!


Makeup Founders’ Favourite Makeup

Tuesday 20th May 2014, 17.06



The makeup founders share their favourite products from their lines and other brands


Our week of beauty events, live talks and exclusive treatments, Brushes with Greatness, has now come to an end. We hope you enjoyed our line up of events in-store as much as we did, and thank you to everyone who came along to our private workshops and chats – this year was our best yet! Our team of  well researched, seasoned beauty buyers takes pride in all the brands available at the Liberty Beauty Hall, particularly the makeup brands which all derive from professional makeup artists, resulting in purely high performance, quality products.

Now, rather than just reiterate our favourite products ourselves, we thought who better to recommend to your their makeup tips than the artists and founders themselves? Here they share with us the best makeup piece from their range, and in some cases their favourite from another brand.


Carisa Janes, Founder of Hourglass Cosmetics

Carisa Jane's favourite beauty products

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer:
“I was never a big fan of using makeup primers, until we developed this one. Veil Mineral Primer is different because it delivers in so many ways that I can’t begin my makeup routine without it.”

Frederic Malle Carnal Flower:
“The tuberose scent is intoxicating, plus it comes in a gorgeous bottle.”


François Nars, Founder of Nars Makeup #Narcissist 

Francois Nars' favourite beauty products

Nars Lipstick:
“I have a real love affair with lipstick. You feel immediately elegant and it gives the face a lot of strength. It gives you more power.”

Diptyque – L’Ombre Dans L’Eau:
“My absolute favourite fragrance.”


Ellis Faas – Founder of Ellis Faas Makeup

Ellis Faas' favourite makeup

Ellis Faas Bright Red Hot Lips:
“For an instantly happy and healthy face.”

For cleansing, Ellis has reported using her favourite cleanser by Eve Lom.


Trish McEvoy, Founder of Trish McEvoy Cosmetics

Trish McEvoy's favourite makeup product

Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials:
“Eye Base Essentials is also one of my most magical beauty secrets. The formula totally perfects and brightens the upper eyelid for an instantly vibrant, rested, open-eyed look.”


Troy Surratt – Founder of Surratt Beauty

Troy Surratt's favourite makeup product

Artistique Blush in Se Pomponner:
“All of the incredible musicians and bands coming out of London like Annie Lennox, Culture Club, Wham, etc., their style was unlike anything I’d seen before and the way they used makeup – even the boys – was eye-opening to me. One of the products I love in my line that reminds me of this time is the Artistique Blush, especially the Se Pomponner shade which is a hot pink.”



Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Director Newby Hands’ Guide To Makeup

Wednesday 14th May 2014, 17.02




Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Director-at-Large, Newby Hands, shares her expertise and makeup tips.

Newby Hands beauty director at large

Liberty Beauty Week Brushes With Greatness


Ever wondered how to get the look on the world’s top magazine covers and thought it was all down to airbrushing and retouching? In truth, the secret lies much more in a skilled makeup artist and good lighting. Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Director-at-Large, Newby Hands will be joining us in-store tonight for an exclusive and intimate talk about all things beauty. With over 20 years of top industry experience, having worked with some of the world’s best make-up brands and artists, Newby is a true beauty know-all and we can’t wait to absorb every single thing she has to say on the subject.

Just in case you couldn’t make it to tonight’s event, we caught up with Newby in advance to pick her brain about her beauty yes’s and no’s, plus a few of her favourite go-to products.


How has make-up changed and developed over your 20 years experience as Beauty Director and Editor?
Over the last 20 years I think the biggest change has been in the choice, quality and the textures. Today you can find amazing products at every price plus the textures are incredible. Products stay in place, they work like a second skin, the pigments give beautiful colours plus there is just so much choice with so many brands today.

Have you noticed a change in attitude towards make-up by women since then?
I do think that women of all ages now have more fun with makeup. It used to be you found your look and stuck with it. Now women will try new looks – they may not keep them but they are more adventurous and definitely see that beauty can be fun. After all it all just washes off if you don’t like it!

Throughout your career in the industry what is the most valuable lesson you have learnt about creating great make-up looks?
To blend it all seamlessly for a natural makeup look and that the more make-up you use the older you can look – and not in a good way.

What is the biggest mistake women make when applying make-up?
Today most women do seem to have found what works for them but I still see women wearing too much makeup that’s not blended in. Also, too pale a concealer seems to be a widespread mistake; choose a colour near your skin tone not two shades lighter.

Can you give us your top tip for getting a perfect, even base?
I love to mix a drop of hydrating serum into my base, it really plumps up the skin and helps any base go on evenly and look more like great skin than great makeup.

Do you have a tried and tested, fail-safe look for parties? If so, what is it?
I do think that just adding a bit of eye liner or kohl and lots of mascara makes most women look great for the evening. Adding that depth to the eyes makes them more interesting, plus it’s a quick way to turn a day look into something a bit more sexy. That, and a good shimmer-free bronzer and I am good to go.

What are three make-up must-haves you couldn’t be without?
I love mascara, plus a bronzer or self-tan and a nice creamy concealer that covers up without leaving skin looking cakey.

The best make-up discovery you have ever made?
It’s more of a tip; mix products up, I add serum, highlighter, even primer to my base just a bit of each and if it looks like pretty skin in my palm then I apply it. Don’t be afraid to mix up products, after all that is exactly how some of the world’s great products like YSL’s Touch Eclat were first invented, by make-up artists mixing up other products to make something they couldn’t find elsewhere.

Favourite make-up brands at Liberty?
I love Hourglass, plus Nars and Chantecaille in particular for great colours and textures.



Liquid foundation or compact:
Neither, I like a BB

Nude lips or red:

Liquid eyeliner or pencil:

Fresh faced or smoky eye:

Bushes or fingers:

Eyelashes or eyebrows: