Aromatherapy Associates’ Geraldine Howard

Friday 23rd January 2015, 5.00

As the exclusive new Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Velvet cream arrives at Liberty, we caught up with the brand’s founder Geraldine Howard.


You tried your hand at biochemistry before transitioning to cosmetic science, what first encouraged you to start blending essential oils?

I studied cosmetic science at the London College of Fashion and that set my love for cosmetics. Then went on to work for Micheline Arcier, who worked with Dr Valnet, and they trained me in using essential oils. From my first day I fell in love with aromatherapy and went on just about every course and read every book to learn as much as possible. When I started to blend essential oils for my clients I learnt how powerful aromatherapy is at helping to transform our mood and help our general well-being. I think that is something we all need a little help with in our lives!

Tell us about your new product, Renewing Rose Body Velvet, and why you chose Liberty for its exclusive launch?

To celebrate Aromatherapy Associates’ 30th anniversary I wanted to make a special body cream that not only nourished the skin and smelt good, but also helped to keep the skin young looking. Our Rose body cream has always been one of our most popular products and this is really a super version of it with additional actives to help the skin retain moisture and stimulate collagen production. I wanted something to spoil and indulge the skin on our bodies and leave it feeling wonderfully smooth. We chose Liberty for the exclusive because we love working with the store and have a very loyal client base – it’s the perfect partnership to celebrate our anniversary with.


You’re well known for one of our best selling oils, Inner Strength, which came about from dark times you experienced. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Rose Body Velvet?

The idea behind creating any new product always comes from either a need of my own, as in the case of Inner Strength, or the needs of a client or friend. As I get older I realise that the skin on our bodies requires more attention to keep it supple and healthy. We tend to look after our facial skin more than our body, so I wanted to make a cream that was really special for the body and in effect a ‘treatment’ each time you apply it.

What are your three key Aromatherapy Associates essentials or favourites?

1. Renewing Rose Body Oil – I love using oils under body creams or facial moisturisers to give the skin a real treat and this would be my desert island product as it is so versatile and can be used for hands, nails, hair… Plus, it smells wonderful and makes you feel good.
2. Overnight Repair Mask – I find it can transform my skin overnight, I wake up looking firm and smooth. It is so much easier than sitting with a mask and it saves time, too!
3. Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil – it really did help me at a tough time in my life and continues to do so whenever I feel low.

What products would we always find in your handbag?

Pure Essential Oil Of Frankincense, Moisturising Lip Balm and Breathe Essence.

What are your top tips and products for unwinding after work?

If I am home late after a long working day I soak in a bath with our Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil and then drop into a deep sleep. If I need to relax and enjoy an evening with family or friends then I go for a shower with our Light Relax Bath and Shower Oil. I also switch the electric room fragrancer on with the Relaxing Room Fragrance and enjoy the atmosphere it creates.

Why do you love Liberty?

I have always loved Liberty and actually bought my wedding dress in the store many years ago! I love the Liberty prints and used to buy lots of material, when I had time to do dress making. Now I just go to the scarves and bags to find beautiful prints.

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Aduna Recipes: Moringa & Avocado Noodles

Tuesday 20th January 2015, 10.00

Naturally Sassy’s Saskia Gregson-Williams, former Food Editor of Hip & Healthy and Aduna feel-good chef, shares her recipe for low-carb, high-nutrient courgette noodles.


Whether you’re trying a low-carb diet as part of your new year health regime or you simply crave something a little lighter, this courgette noodle recipe is creamy, satisfying and packed with vitality-enhancing ingredients. Adding Aduna Moringa Superleaf Powder gives it an extra antioxidant kick, while the mix of veggies and superfoods will complement your health goals perfectly.

Saskia Gregson-Williams explains why she loves this recipe:

Making courgette noodles is a fantastic pasta alternative when you’re after something a little lighter, and as it’s grain free it makes you feel amazing no matter if you have food allergies! It can be eaten raw, as in this recipe, or sautéed until soft. This recipe shows my favourite way to serve courgette noodles, in the most creamy and delicious Moringa & avocado sauce.

• ½ tsp Aduna Moringa Superleaf Powder
• 2 courgettes
• ¼ cup pomegranate seeds
• 1 avocado
• Juice of 1 lemon
• 1 tablespoon olive oil
• Toasted pine nuts


With a spiraliser, spiral your courgettes into noodles; if you do not have a spiraliser, peel the courgette into fettucini-style strips with a vegetable peeler. To make the sauce, blend all ingredients together until smooth. Mix with the courgette and pomegranate, then scatter with toasted pine nuts to garnish!

Buy Aduna Moringa Superleaf Powder online or in-store in Beauty Must-Haves on the ground floor. Making the courgette noodles above? Share the results @LibertyLondon with #LibertyBeauty.


Kate Shapland’s Style Resolutions

Monday 19th January 2015, 17.00

Beauty writer and creator of Legology Air Lite for Legs Kate Shapland shares her five fail-safe beauty and style resolutions for 2015.

Kate Shapland

Stay stylish year-round with these five resolutions from beauty writer Kate. From ensuring you invest in the right clothes to simple steps to avoid a make-up faux pas, these are the mantras to repeat as you hit the shops and re-vamp your beauty routine.

1. With fashion and beauty, always wag your own tail! In other words, be aware of what is current, but only wear it if it works for you personally – and always temper it with a detail of your own.

2. Less is more with make-up. It really is. Focus on your eyes or your lips, never both. Keep your base clean and transparent, nothing ages you faster than a mask-like foundation.

3. Find your jean! It’s incredibly liberating when you identify the cut and brand that suits your figure – no more ‘what am I going to wear over my bum/thighs …’ And always wear heels (preferably a leg-lengthening neutral) with them. Think s.t.r.e.t.c.h for your legs.

4. Identify your perfect heel height – generally in line with your leg length – this is even more liberating than knowing what jeans suit you!

5. If your legs aren’t your best feature, wear dark matt opaque tights – they slim the outline. But not too opaque – 15 denier is good.

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Kate Shapland’s January Beauty Essentials

Thursday 15th January 2015, 9.16

Beauty Writer and creator of Legology Air-Lite for Legs Kate Shapland shares the essential products to get you through January.

Kate Shapland

Award-winning beauty journalist Kate is not only a celebrated writer, but also a firm fixture in the Liberty Beauty Hall thanks to her pioneering product, Air-Lite for Legs. We asked Kate to share the January essentials she swears by; whatever your beauty dilemma, these must-try products will have you glowing from top to toe.

SKIN – Rodin Face Olio Lusso

Rodin Oil

This is an incredibly special oil because it’s so clean – honestly it feels like liquid satin and melts into your skin. Sometimes I’ll apply it with a dot of regular night cream, but generally I like to smooth it on in the bath after cleansing, then just pat my face with a towel when I get out. It gives your complexion a lovely dewy flush, you look revitalised – like you’ve had a lovely weekend on the coast. I also admire Linda Rodin, the creator behind this range, enormously – she has a very strong and recognisable personal style, and her exquisite brand is almost iconic in its simplicity. Clever lady.

HAIR – Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Philip Kingsley is the saviour of all girls with sad hair, and I could not live without this product – so yes, I’ll have another jar thank you and add it to my stockpile. I use it fairly regularly, once or twice a week, and what I love about it is that while it doesn’t necessarily give my hair the thickness and body it once had, it does make it as soft and shiny as it was ten years ago. May I take this opportunity to thank Mr Kingsley for this small joy in my life.

BODY – Legology Air-Lite For Legs

Legology Air Lite

OBV… How could it be anything else? The sad fact of the matter is that these days I have to ask my husband for a free jar because he holds the keys to the stock cupboard in our office. I made this product because in 25 years of writing about beauty I never found it. So it’s 100% what I would expect from a leg care product – body even, as you can apply it from head to toe if you like. Just one thing I ask: enjoy applying it – don’t rush, and as you massage it in, breathe in the revitalising scent of Amalfi lemons and remember the joy of your last summer holiday. It will put you in a positive mood all day!

MAKEUP – Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo

Hourglass Femme Nude

Can all six shades of this count as one product? No one has perfected the nude lip with so much style as founder Carisa Janes. She has a matchless eye for detail and a perfectionist approach, and that is exactly what it takes to produce a makeup range of such beauty and efficiency as Hourglass. Every nuance in the Lip Stylo brand is perfect.

WELLBEING – Susanne Kaufman Acid Alkalising Tea

Susanne Kaufmann Tea

I’ll have a box of this please. What a great way to combat stress-induced acidity in the system. It tastes nice too. And that’s key because as we know, if you want to reap benefits from a product you have to use it regularly. And how often do you forget to take supplements after a late night/quick breakfast? Ta-dah! Here’s your morning cuppa. Genius.

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Just In: Lily and Lionel Wash Bags Exclusive to Liberty

Tuesday 13th January 2015, 11.32

This week Lily and Lionel launched two exclusive wash bags at Liberty.


British designers Lily and Lionel are best known for their beautifully crafted scarves, adorned with stunning illustrations, worn all over the world.

This week, Liberty are celebrating the launch of Lily and Lionel’s exclusive new wash bags in two iconic patterns: Sirena, an elegant and feminine floral; and Cleo, classic leopard print with a vintage edge.


These wash bags are perfect for travellers and for everyday use, the ideal complement to any dressing table. In two different sizes – a large wash bag and smaller make-up bag – you can now keep all beauty essentials stylishly accessible.

Shop these beautiful new designs from Lily and Lionel in-store and online at

Explore our collection of Lily and Lionel scarves and see why they have become the covetable brand they are today.

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