Spotlight On: Rodebjer

Friday 13th February 2015, 14.55

Introducing Rodebjer, exclusively available at Liberty.


Founded in New York in 1999 after native Swede Carin Rodebjer’s designs caught the eye of New York buyers, Rodebjer offers laid-back luxury designed to be lived in. Exclusive to Liberty, Carin’s designs feature feminine tailoring inspired by the landscapes of her tranquil birthplace – Swedish island Gotland – the intensity of her adopted New York and the strength of the women she admires.


Close-up detail and soft draping lend a unique edge to traditional minimalism, while innovative construction allows the garments to be worn in multiple ways. This distinct aesthetic has earned Rodebjer numerous prestigious awards, including Swedish ELLE Designer of the Year. We caught up with designer Carin to talk design inspiration and stylish living, as her collection drops exclusively at Liberty.

We’re excited about Rodebjer launching, could you tell us about your inspiration for this collection?
I’m very excited as well. The inspiration for this collection was to visualize the life of an urban nomad. I wanted something that functioned well in the pulse of the city but at the same time felt relaxed. I wanted something that was very direct and therefore I studied the directness and energy of indigenous art as well as unschooled, yet brilliant, creativity.
– New York is such a unique city; does it influence your work? In what ways does this combine with Swedish fashion?
New York influences my work a lot. The energy, the people in the city, the melting pot of different cultures and styles. I like to bring that intensity into the Swedish sensibility and the Swedish style that used to be quite minimalistic. Therefore I usually say that our expression is rich yet clean. A mix of New York and Sweden.

In what way do powerful and independent women inspire your work?
I have always been inspired by women who take responsibility and lead their own lives. Therefore I want to make versatile design so these women can find their own personality in the collections. I don’t want to dictate too much and I don’t want our design to restrict movement.

Why choose Liberty for the exclusive?
Liberty is such an amazing department store. I like your heritage and I like what you are now. It’s a privilege to see Rodebjer as a part of your offering.

What is your top tip for stylish living?
Make yourself rich of valuable experiences.

What was it like moving multiple times between Stockholm and New York – was it difficult?
This last time was a bit more difficult since I brought a 1-year old child. Finding good daycare and insurances can drive you a bit crazy but it was definitely worth it. I have earned so many amazing experiences out of this.

Have you had a chance to visit Liberty? Do you have a store wish list?
I have been to Liberty but unfortunately not in a while. New York has kind of sucked me into it’s machinery. I haven’t had too much time to spend in Europe but that will definitely change because I miss Europe a lot.

What is your favourite Liberty department?
I love the fabric department – I love all the Liberty fabrics and patterns.

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A Date with Rory Dobner

Friday 6th February 2015, 10.45

Artist Rory Dobner introduces the exclusive Love collection.

Rory Dobner

A favourite in the Liberty Gift Room, Rory Dobner’s intricate illustrations are a must-have for any stylish home. With a repertoire including sculpture, print and home furnishings, his English-made artworks have garnered a global following. We chatted to Rory about his Valentine’s Days past and present ahead of his visit to Liberty on 13 February, where he will be signing purchases and introducing the exclusive Love collection.

Best Valentine’s Day:
Sitting on the beach as the sun came up after a fun night out with our feet in the sand.

Worst Valentine’s Day:
It was at an antiques market where I came across the most amazing chandelier which I wanted to buy for my wife so I was extremely pleased that I had: a) remembered Valentine’s Day b) actually come across something she would like. I was happy all the way on the bus to meet her at her favourite restaurant up to the point where I greeted her, and mid-cuddle realised I had left the aforementioned chandelier cosily on its own seat on the bus…

Best Valentine’s gift to receive:
Anything! If you get a Valentine’s gift think yourself very lucky!

Best Valentine’s gift you’ve given:
A personalised Intricate Ink Tile I wrote a VERY special secret message on. It’s now publicly on display on [my wife's] office wall.

Dream Valentine’s date location?
Underwater – preferably scuba diving in Mexico.

Favourite piece you’ve worked on:
Having the opportunity to hand paint (in the boiling hot sun under a holey umbrella) my cat monocle on a 20 foot wall at a hotel abroad.

Favourite character in your alphabet:
E for Extinct. I love my little dodo. I think we would have been pals if he was still around to hang out with on Valentine’s Day.

Top 3 inspirations:
My childrens’ imaginations, the Natural History Museum and any and every antiques market.

Why made in England?
I was made here so it made sense. I love England!

Rory Dobner Love Collection

Shop Rory Dobner online . Visit us in-store in the Gift Room on the third floor Friday 13 February 12 – 7pm to have your purchases signed by Rory. Find out more


Aromatherapy Associates’ Geraldine Howard

Friday 23rd January 2015, 5.00

As the exclusive new Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Velvet cream arrives at Liberty, we caught up with the brand’s founder Geraldine Howard.


You tried your hand at biochemistry before transitioning to cosmetic science, what first encouraged you to start blending essential oils?

I studied cosmetic science at the London College of Fashion and that set my love for cosmetics. Then went on to work for Micheline Arcier, who worked with Dr Valnet, and they trained me in using essential oils. From my first day I fell in love with aromatherapy and went on just about every course and read every book to learn as much as possible. When I started to blend essential oils for my clients I learnt how powerful aromatherapy is at helping to transform our mood and help our general well-being. I think that is something we all need a little help with in our lives!

Tell us about your new product, Renewing Rose Body Velvet, and why you chose Liberty for its exclusive launch?

To celebrate Aromatherapy Associates’ 30th anniversary I wanted to make a special body cream that not only nourished the skin and smelt good, but also helped to keep the skin young looking. Our Rose body cream has always been one of our most popular products and this is really a super version of it with additional actives to help the skin retain moisture and stimulate collagen production. I wanted something to spoil and indulge the skin on our bodies and leave it feeling wonderfully smooth. We chose Liberty for the exclusive because we love working with the store and have a very loyal client base – it’s the perfect partnership to celebrate our anniversary with.


You’re well known for one of our best selling oils, Inner Strength, which came about from dark times you experienced. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Rose Body Velvet?

The idea behind creating any new product always comes from either a need of my own, as in the case of Inner Strength, or the needs of a client or friend. As I get older I realise that the skin on our bodies requires more attention to keep it supple and healthy. We tend to look after our facial skin more than our body, so I wanted to make a cream that was really special for the body and in effect a ‘treatment’ each time you apply it.

What are your three key Aromatherapy Associates essentials or favourites?

1. Renewing Rose Body Oil – I love using oils under body creams or facial moisturisers to give the skin a real treat and this would be my desert island product as it is so versatile and can be used for hands, nails, hair… Plus, it smells wonderful and makes you feel good.
2. Overnight Repair Mask – I find it can transform my skin overnight, I wake up looking firm and smooth. It is so much easier than sitting with a mask and it saves time, too!
3. Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil – it really did help me at a tough time in my life and continues to do so whenever I feel low.

What products would we always find in your handbag?

Pure Essential Oil Of Frankincense, Moisturising Lip Balm and Breathe Essence.

What are your top tips and products for unwinding after work?

If I am home late after a long working day I soak in a bath with our Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil and then drop into a deep sleep. If I need to relax and enjoy an evening with family or friends then I go for a shower with our Light Relax Bath and Shower Oil. I also switch the electric room fragrancer on with the Relaxing Room Fragrance and enjoy the atmosphere it creates.

Why do you love Liberty?

I have always loved Liberty and actually bought my wedding dress in the store many years ago! I love the Liberty prints and used to buy lots of material, when I had time to do dress making. Now I just go to the scarves and bags to find beautiful prints.

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Men’s London Collections: A Moment with Ben Andrew

Monday 12th January 2015, 9.00

The bi-annual London Collections: Men event has arrived for AW15 and will run this weekend, Friday 9 – Monday 12 January. Showcasing the creative and commercial significance of British designers and emerging talent, the breadth of fashion talent and innovation from up-and-coming designers and global brands will be demonstrated. LCM continues to cement the notion of the UK as a global hub of men’s fashion. Liberty is sending four key players to LCM to source the best new men’s fashion designers and trends for the Liberty customer.

We chat with one of our top Menswear Buyers, Ben Andrew, about his role at the LCM weekend, what shows he is keen to see and his go-to accessories. The AW15 LCM event is a key period for menswear buyers, ensuring they have locked in fashion’s new season pick of the crop.


What will you be wearing to the shows?

I’m into anything slightly oversized or relaxed at the moment. There was a real shift away from the skinny silhouette for SS15 and this was particularly apparent in trousers, so I will definitely be wearing a wide leg pant. Grandad shirts continue to be key and is a trend I can really get on board with. I will probably wear these with a deconstructed blazer or overcoat.

What are your essentials for the weekend?

My Cote et Ciel backpack gets me through the week. It’s crazy that the backpack has only had a resurgence in the last few years – it’s like we forgot how functional they are! Perfect for carrying show tickets and the look books you get from brands, as well as my laptop and camera for buying appointments over the week. People on the tube aren’t so keen on it though.

What shows are you most looking forward to?

London is known for its creative approach to fashion, and rightly so. From this view point I look forward to seeing the emerging avant garde talents such as Craig Green, as well as more experienced designers like Lou Dalton. Just as exciting for me though is seeing really well put together collections, with great product that I know will translate commercially to our customer in store – Oliver Spencer and YMC have done a brilliant job of this in recent seasons so I look forward to these too.

What is your role during LCM?

My role is to represent Liberty at the fashions shows and presentations, as well as visit the LCM showrooms where a lot of smaller brands have stands showcasing their product. Attending the fashion shows is important to see new season’s collections and make sure we are not missing anything that our customer could like. London is also the first fashion week of the season so we will start to see the emergence of new trends here that we need to be abreast of. The LCM showroom is more intimate where I will meet with brands face to face and see the product. If something is right for the store then we would potentially make a product selection and order here.

What’s your favourite thing about LCM?

As I said, London is the first fashion week of the season so there’s always a great a buzz and air of excitement about what’s coming, which is great to be a part of. Seeing the new season’s product is what we are there for so this is the main highlight. Trying to sneak in a nice lunch in between shows runs a close second.

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Men’s London Collections: A Moment with Kate Brindley

Sunday 11th January 2015, 11.00

The bi-annual London Collections: Men event has arrived for AW15 and will run this weekend, Friday 9 – Monday 12 January. Showcasing the creative and commercial significance of British designers and emerging talent, the breadth of fashion talent and innovation from up-and-coming designers and global brands will be demonstrated. LCM continues to cement the notion of the UK as a global hub of men’s fashion. Liberty is sending four key players to LCM to source the best new men’s fashion designers and trends for the Liberty customer.

We interview Kate Brindley, Head of Press and Marketing, about her upcoming weekend at LCM, seeing what designers she has her eye on and will be wearing, and what her unofficial role is…


What will you be wearing to the shows?

I hate to admit it but I will be wearing a mid-heel… verging on the sensible! After years of skipping round shows (or not as the case may be) in a vertiginous heel I’m facing up to the reality of it all and realising I need a shoe I can walk from place to place in. I will be in a Nicholas Kirkwood mid-heel though… Clothing wise I’m LOVING all the new Roksanda that’s just been delivered at Liberty so I will be pouring myself in to that and whirling round showing off in it all.

What are your essentials for the weekend?

My Liberty London Iphis pochette is my LCM essential as you can store your show tickets, phone, Troy Surratt lipstick and a wad of cash easily. What else does a girl need really? Another LCM essential for me is a travel size bottle of my favourite scent; Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle. There isn’t always much time between the shows and the parties in the evening so a spritz of perfume is a great instant mood enhancer.

What shows are you most looking forward to?

I’m most excited about Christopher Shannon’s show. He won the inaugural GQ BFC menswear fund in 2014 so there is a lot of expectation on him to smash it this season which I’m sure he will live up to. Lou Dalton and Oliver Spencer are also perennial LCM favourites of mine, they both manage to deliver something interesting each season while staying true to their signature aesthetic.

What is your role during LCM?

My role is to coordinate everyone and make sure there is a ‘Liberty’ presence at everything that happens. My unofficial role is chief coat and bag holder for Sophie Pate while she is being buffeted by the street style photographers desperate for snaps of whatever she is wearing that day. If it’s raining I also hold an umbrella over her until the very last second so her hair looks good in all the pictures.

What’s your favourite thing about LCM?

My favourite thing about LCM is spending time with the buying team to see what’s on their radar for the season (and the street-cast male models also make for a lovely bonus)!

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