The Liberty Top Six: Gifts Under £50

Tuesday 9th December 2014, 10.42

Find your friends, family and partners the perfect gift this year with our Liberty top six gifts under £50.

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun now that December has arrived. We have a range of edits online that will help you find the right gifts for your loved ones, however to narrow down the search we’ve detailed our top six gifts under £50 below, where there is something for everyone, and you won’t be blowing your budget!


Native Union
Navy Monocle

Are his speakers becoming old and crackly? These monocles from Native Union are a forward-thinking way of listening to music. Simply plug them into a phone or music device and receive crystal-clear beats while you’re on the go. The Monocles are also designed to be connected to each other to form a string of sound, so if you’re looking for more of a surround-sound experience, these are great collectables. These monocles come in a variety of other colours including a soft orange, a mint green and black with copper speakers.

Mix Tape Phone Case

The cold weather can result in unfortunate accidents for our phones and other gadgets, so make sure you have a stylish case to decrease the chance of any damage! Marc By Marc Jacobs has produced a range of chic cases so you can be fashion-forward at all times. We love this mix tape version – with its retro design it’s sure to be a winner.


Himal Neon Pattern Beanie

Whether you’re hitting the slopes this season or not, every winter wardrobe should include a stylish beanie. This Penfield version is patterned in vibrant hues, giving your outfit a bright finish. These Himal beanies come in grey as well, and the Penfield neon pattern also adorns a pair of chic gloves.

Men’s facial scrub

We’ll admit that unwrapping a facial wash is not the most exciting aspiration for your man’s Christmas morning. He’ll thank you for this one, however! This facial scrub from Kiehl’s works to wash away impurities and leave the skin thoroughly cleansed. For a stocking filler he’ll appreciate every time he shaves, this is the one.


Cocktail shaker

For your friends who love to entertain this cocktail shaker should definitely be your first port of call. Many of us love a cocktail, however sometimes we just want to remain chez nous, and this shaker features all the ingredients and instructions required on the side. There’s everything from a Mojito to a Long Island Iced Tea and a White Russian – now they’ll know exactly how to create all the classics and be able to pull them off with a flourish!

Egg cup

This egg cup from Quail might be quirky but it’s just what we want with our morning eggs. We had to choose one but couldn’t go without mentioning the adorable red squirrel egg cup as well. However you enjoy your breakfast, Quail’s designs will bring life into the kitchen, especially during those cold winter mornings!

Didn’t find what you were searching for? Try the Liberty Gift Finder, where you can specify your budget, the department and who you’re buying for.

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Liberty News: The Mr Hare Sneaker Installation

Friday 31st October 2014, 15.56

Liberty welcomes the new men’s luxury sneaker installation from Mr Hare.


Last night Mr Hare launched his new line of leather trainers at Liberty in a roar of cocktails and beats from DJ Khalil (Livin’ Proof) at Liberty. On the Lower Ground floor, the installation took over the men’s shoes department showcasing the three new styles: a high top, low top and skate shoe.

For those not yet in the know, the Mr Hare brand began in a uniquely casual beginning, and his shoes follow the same trend with their laid back yet dashing designs. It all started in Spain in 2008 when Mr Hare noticed a gentleman’s old and weathered footwear, and thought that with a few tweaks, they could be transformed into fashionable, dapper shoes.

Today, Mr Hare is a world-renowned high-fashion name. His signature shoe style is casual meets luxury in a fiercely successful combination, and he is proud to be taking London shoes global.

Mr Hare Manifesto-722

We spoke to Marc Hare about being stocked in Liberty:

How are you feeling about being stocked in Liberty?
I’m super excited about it, it’s the best men’s shoe department in all of London and we know that because we’ve been in here before and all of our sophisticated Mr Hare customers always come here.

Was the shoe department your first experience of Liberty?
No, it’s a legend of a place. It’s like stepping into Alice’s Wonderland, it’s the most beautiful building in all of London and to have our shoes in here is an absolute honour.

Now you’re in Liberty, what’s next?
Retirement in a few months…! No we’ve just launched leather trainers for the first time this season they’re the most amazing thing, Italian made, top to bottom full leather sneakers. It’s something that we’re going to put a lot of effort into over the next few years – I’ve always been a South London sneaker boy so it’s my thing!

What do you think your brand is bringing to the Liberty shoe department that it was missing before?
Some London freshness – there’s a lot of shoes in here from all over the world but miraculously not many originate/ are home-grown in London.

Browse Mr Hare shoes in-store or online. For more news and events, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @LibertyLondon, or Facebook .


How to Fold A Pocket A Pocket Square Three Ways

Tuesday 19th August 2014, 10.00



The pocket square is making a revival. This small piece of cotton, linen or silk adds more than just a touch of detail to your suit – it’s a punctuation of style and individuality. Watch our guide on how to fold a pocket square three ways – you’re not fully dressed without one.

If you’re looking for a quick and slick way to update your blazer jacket, then the pocket square is certainly an indispensable piece for defining a gentleman’s sartorial credibility. You needn’t have it match your tie or your shirt, simply choose a design that compliments both their colour combinations and mood.

Learn how to create the perfect fold, three ways: the Formal, the Dandy and the Three Point, with a step-by-step video guide below, demonstrated by an expert in occasional dressing, Louis Matthewman – Liberty’s Marketing Projects and Events Officer.


“A great rule of thumb to follow is to pick a colour or pattern from your tie, dickie or socks to accent in your square. If you prefer an open shirt, pick one that contrasts your suit or shirt.

My only two rules are: A matching tie or dickie bow with a square is a sartorial faux-pas and never wear anything other than a white square with black tie dress code.” – Louis Matthewman



Spotlight on: Larson & Jennings

Friday 25th July 2014, 16.46




Anglo-Swedish watchmaker, Larsson & Jennings, are taking the timepiece scene by storm. We caught up with the discreet team to get the 411 on combining two styles of European design, strap preferences and their top tips for buying watches.

Which watch are you wearing now?
It’s really hot in London today so we’re wearing the CM | Gold – the lightweight Milanese chain metal is nice and cool in the heat, plus the colour looks good with a tan.

Do you wear the same watch all the time or change it to suit your mood?
We like to change it up. Our core watches have quick-release straps so you can swap the styles to suit the mood or activity you’re doing at that time.

What do you love about Swedish and British style?
Both nations have incredibly rich history and design identities, which offer a wealth of styles to be inspired by from both the past and present.

How have you brought these elements to your watch designs?
By combining the classic British dress watch aesthetic with the paired back minimalism that’s so popular and effective in Swedish design, we’ve brought elements of each nation’s signature styles together to create one product that bridges both.

Your watches are popular with guys and girls. What is it about your designs that make them great unisex pieces?
The simplistic design, the lightweight feel and the high quality fabrics and materials make the watch both functional and easy to wear. Plus the 40mm case size of our classic ranges lend itself well to both men and women.

Canvas, leather or metal strap?
We couldn’t possibly choose. It really depends on the wearers aesthetic and style. The Larsson & Jennings watch case and dial is a mix of classic and contemporary so any of the strap categories work as long as you are you looking for a clean and uncomplicated watch.

If you could give one piece of advice on buying a watch it would be…
As well as looking for comfort and great design, the most important thing has to be good manufacture. Our watches are made with precision engineering in Switzerland so that they’re the best quality they can be at the current price point. At the end of the day it’s a functional item so it’s got to work as well as look stylish. We’re launching new watch styles later this year and look forward to sharing them with old and new customers.

Photo by Lucy Williams from Fashion Me Now

Photo by Lucy Williams from Fashion Me Now


She’s the Man: What’s next from menswear designer Lou Dalton

Tuesday 24th June 2014, 17.08




British menswear designer Lou Dalton drops in for a chat about her forthcoming collections, style icons and what she has planned over the next few seasons for her label.

Menswear designer Lou Dalton's fashion show

Menswear designer Lou Dalton has just closed the curtain on her Spring/ Summer 2015 fashion show for the latest instalment of London Collections: Men. As one of the first LC:M designers Liberty chose to stock, we decided to throw a party in collaboration with Men’s Health in her honour. Check out the photos from the VIP event held in our menswear department in-store.

We caught up with Lou to find out what inspired next summer’s collection, where she sees her popular line of men’s fashion going and who her current style icons are right now.

Backstage at the SS15 Lou Dalton show

What’s the story behind your Spring/ Summer 2015 collection?
There was a great deal of change within Lou Dalton this season and this led to me taking a long hard look at where I was at, where I was going and where I wanted to go with the collection. It was about taking control, moving on.

Do you have a favourite piece or look from the collection?
This collection was so very personal that I felt an alliance to a great deal of what we put out. In time there may be one or two head runners, but currently I’m super happy with it all.

Where do you usually look for inspiration?
Anywhere and everywhere – from a gallery, a book I’ve read, music, friends, a night out…

What are the highlights for the upcoming Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection?
Being continuously supported by Liberty for AW14, the bleached denim went down a storm..

Your designs are highly praised within the industry and amongst style conscious gentlemen. How much do you think about the core Lou Dalton customer during your design process?
Its constantly on my mind, I came into this to make beautiful clothes that men would hopefully enjoy wearing. Good sale through is incredibly important and integral to the growth of our business.

Design sketches from the Lou Dalton SS15 collection

What can we expect from Lou Dalton over the next three seasons?
Upwards and onwards is the order of the day! I just try to stay focused with working towards growing the business.

How would you like the label to develop?
Increase in sales with a growing customer base coming on board, and more investment.

Which designers are you looking forward to seeing this season?
Craig Green, Christopher Shannon, James Long, and Sibling.

Who is currently your style icon?
I have a few: Alan Bennett, David Hockney, David Bowie, Vincent Cassell, the usual suspects…

What do you love about Liberty?
It’s the ultimate department store, incredibly decadent and, of course its amazing taste as they stock “Lou Dalton”…