Liberty News: Terry de Havilland Comes To Liberty

Saturday 29th November 2014, 10.00

Terry de Havilland talks to Liberty about his recent collaboration, ahead of his appearance in-store on Saturday 29 November.


Terry de Havilland shoes are synonymous with London in the 60s and 70s. Known for representing street style, as a designer De Havilland has produced zeitgeist-capturing footwear for generations. Revived in 2002, his eponymous label now produces forward-thinking designer shoes for high profile fans and stylish customers alike. We chatted to the designer himself about his Liberty print collection ahead of his personal appearance in-store 3-4pm on Saturday 29 November.

What is your first memory of Liberty?
I remember my mother taking me into the West End just after the second world war had ended, I would have been about 7 at the time. We caught the bus into town one afternoon to celebrate winning the war. As evening fell all the lights came on. I had never seen anything like Liberty before. It reminded me of a huge galleon with all the windows ablaze with light. It made a lasting impression on me.

Has it changed since the first time you were here?
In essence, no. However, I do love the way Ed Burstell is pushing the boundaries and funking it up. It’s so refreshing to come across someone in retail who’s prepared to stir up the mix.

What was your favourite part of creating a collaboration with Liberty?
To be honest, I was amazed when Ed approached me. I’ve always wanted to have a play with Liberty fabrics but never thought I was the kind of designer that would be considered a ‘good fit’. I really enjoyed the whole experience and hope that I’ll get a chance to do another collection. Having done one, I’m itching to have another go – I keep getting flashes of what I’d do next.

liberty print terry de havilland

What was it like going to the Liberty archive?
Mind-blowing! There was so much to look through. So many colours and patterns. It was a total trip.

How have your shoes changed over the years?
I’m on my sixth decade of shoe design now so of course they’ve changed along the way. I actually stopped designing under my own name in the 80s and 90s. During that period I was designing for the alternative market – lots of Punks and Goths in the 1980s and Cyber Goths and Ravers in the 1990s, but the shoes have always borne my signature profiles. I still use the same lasts as I did decades ago. Once you get a good last you tend to stick with it, as I try to make my shoes as comfortable as possible. If you look closely at my designs they’re actually very classic in profile, it’s just the uppers that are a bit out there.

Do you have an all-time favourite pair that you’ve designed?
That’s a tough question. Every time I design a collection I get a new favourite. Once I’ve made the prototypes I tend to carry them around with me. They always end up on a table in the bedroom so they’re the first thing I see when I wake up. That’s a bit sad I suppose!

Who do you have in mind when designing?
Women with plenty of attitude. They’re not for shrinking violets. Nothing gives me a bigger buzz than seeing someone I don’t know looking gorgeous in a pair of my shoes.

Finally, if you could own one thing from Liberty what would it be?
The building!

Shop the Terry de Havilland Liberty print collection, and meet the designer himself in-store 3-4pm, Saturday 29 November.


The Original Hermes Birkin Comes to Liberty

Friday 14th November 2014, 17.34

To celebrate 30 years of the Birkin bag, Vintage collector and House of Hermès expert Catherine B has brought her unique collection to Liberty.

Catherine B

Owner of vintage boutique Les 3 Marches in Paris, collector Catherine B deals exclusively in Chanel and House of Hermès. With a collection that includes the original Birkin bag made by Jean-Louis Dumas for Jane Birkin herself, Catherine has brought this rare piece (among others) to London for the first time in celebration of the bag’s 30th anniversary.

Original Hermes Birkin

Catherine credits the Birkin’s stunning longevity to its wearability,“the Birkin has been famous since 1984, it will still be here in 2024”. Initialled and featuring a bespoke shoulder strap, the original Birkin bag is the cornerstone in an unrivalled collection of vintage bags, scarves and accessories that are usually housed in Catherine’s Paris store, but have been brought to Liberty,a place Catherine calls a “symbol of chic” with a unique heritage and the capacity to do these iconic pieces justice.

Also featured in the exhibition are a mini black lizard skin Kelly bag, a Birkin bag illustrated by Antoine Kruk and a prarie green ‘collier de chien’ belt. When selecting vintage or second hand pieces, Catherine says, “the handbag, scarf or accessory should talk to you”. Each piece in her landmark Hermès collection has been chosen for its unique appeal, whether it’s an artistic touch, a luxurious finish or simply for the love of the craftsmanship – a major point in Catherine’s world of vintage.

Vintage Hermes Collection

“Brands can’t craft to the same standard now…there is too much demand. Everyone wants an Hermès bag” she says, mulling over the brand’s position as a pillar of quality, struggling to balance impeccable work with huge demand. This is why she has always turned to vintage;“I don’t want a piece that just anyone can have”.

Visit the Liberty heritage suite 14 – 17 November to browse Catherine’s collection of rare and one-off pieces. Certain items will also be available to purchase from the 2nd floor vintage department. Find out more >


Behind the Scenes: Trish McEvoy

Wednesday 12th November 2014, 10.30

Liberty chats with Trish McEvoy, renowned makeup artist, about her Liberty print Planner and Power of Makeup in-store residency this week.


We caught up with makeup artist and innovation entrepreneur Trish McEvoy ahead of her debut in-store appearance to talk winter looks, essential products and creating the exclusive Liberty print Trish McEvoy Planner…

This is your first store appearance at Liberty; how are you feeling about sharing your knowledge with London?
I’ve been coming to London for many years and am overjoyed to now be sharing The Power of Makeup with my Liberty London clients after three fabulous years in your store. I love everything about the Liberty feel and aesthetic and think the Liberty client is a very special woman, equally elegant, authentic and empowered. I can’t wait to meet her and help take her beauty understanding to the next level.

Are there any other London spots you’re looking forward to visiting?
The Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red ceramic poppy installation at the Tower of London for Remembrance Day. What an extraordinarily beautiful and moving idea that came to life.

Have you had a chance to look around Liberty before, if so what was your favourite department and why?
The Beauty Department, bien sur!! It is such a special elegant, harmonious, joyful place. I love the wonderful teams, the spirit of the department and the sense of a beauty community. I also love the Liberty Print accessories department!

What are your top tips for winter make-up?
#1 is always keeping skin hydrated. First and foremost, gently exfoliate skin daily and peel it weekly to clear away the dead cells that dull skin’s appearance and inhibit both moisture absorption and a smooth make-up application. Then take the moisture in your regimens up a notch: layer hyaluronic-acid based serums under your moisturisers, layer moisturisers over your serums and bump up the moisture content in your foundation. Once skin is looking supple, clear and radiant, you can start playing with colour and definition to dress up your look for the season. This is the time of year to build up the lash line with winged liquid liner, dramatic lashes and perfectly defined brows. ‘Tis also the season for rich pigments and shimmer on the lids and lips. The nights are long so ensure your formulas offer 24-hour wear. On the face you want to warm and contour with washes of bronzer (applied from a C-into-a-3 shape from forehead to temple to cheekbone to jawline) and highlight (in a V shape from the upper cheekbone to above the outer brow) and a pop of blush to brighten the complexion.

Why do you think your Planner has been so successful?
Once women try it, there is simply no other way! Once you have cut the space your make-up occupies into a third, seen it all organised at your fingertips and portable at a moment’s notice, there is no going back to cluttered countertops, drawers and bags. It replaces make-up excess and disorder with confidence and calm, totally revolutionising the way a woman buys, carries and applies her makeup. It is bigger than beauty – it’s a life and mental improvement.

What was your favourite part of creating your Liberty print Planner?
Oh my goodness, I so admire the legacy of Liberty London Print and having my very own is just a thrill. I love the joyfulness of my red fabric with blue roses – it puts me in a good mood just looking at it.

What will you and your team teach lucky customers during your make-up lessons at Liberty?
We will be focusing on the look of the season alongside the core techniques that will serve them for life. We will get down the basics of beautiful skin and feature enhancement, then dress it up for the holidays, working on the very defined eye, liquid liner and full-lash look every woman wants this time of year. We will also focus on how to get a glamorous brow that is individually suited to each brow, eye and face shape.

Finally, if you could pick only three essential products from your range, what would they be?
That is a very tough question! The Planner system of course – including the binder and pages (I am not counting this as two!). I also have to say my Instant Eye Lift, because dark circles are my Achilles heel and this product diminishes fine lines and treats the skin so it’s a 3-in-1. And again because it’s such an amazing multi-tasker, my Beauty Balm Instant Solutions SPF 35. It evens, moisturizes, brightens, controls oil, wears all day, protects and improves skin as you wear it. I put this on and I know my skin will look and feel fabulous as long as my days, which are sometimes very long indeed! Lastly, mascara is so important and mine are so special I have to give you a 4th product pick. My tubular High Volume and Lash Curling formulas wrap every lash for a very naturally enhanced look and they will not smudge or budge till you remove them, which you can only do with warm water!

Like the sound of her products? Discover the Trish McEvoy beauty collection.

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Spotlight on: Pip McCormac

Monday 3rd November 2014, 16.11

Meet Pip McCormac, Lifestyle Director at Red Magazine and shop his Liberty Christmas gift edit.


For the un-initiated, Pip McCormac is the vivacious Lifestyle Director at Red Magazine. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Pip has become renowned for his lifestyle expertise.
We chat to Pip about home interiors, what’s on his Christmas list this year, and what would he do if he were trapped in Liberty overnight…

What was your first experience of Liberty?
It was 2004, I had just moved to London and, finally, got my first job in journalism. The office wasn’t too far from Liberty, and I remember wandering in, being awed by the wood panelling, the beauty of the place, and thinking “one day, I’m going to decorate my house like this”.

What is your favourite part of the store?
It’s hard to choose – I spend most time in the kitchen department, which I think is full of incredibly well-priced and well-edited products and gift ideas. But I have a soft spot for the Christmas department too – I get very excited when it opens in August each year. I know it’s early, but it always looks so good!

Now that we’re starting to head into the depths of winter, what are you top tips for refreshing an interior space?
I’ve brought out a lot more pillar candles, and set them individually on saucers. It makes them easy to move around, to create little cosy nooks wherever you happen to be sitting. There’s something very romantic about the flickering glow.

What’s trending this season in home interiors? E.g. colours, designs, brands.
I’m seeing a lot of pastels coming through, but not ice cream colours. Think pinks and blues with grey in them. In the toilets at Spring, the incredible new restaurant by Skye Gyngell at Somerset House, the floor is covered in parquet, but in the mens’ it is pastel blue ceramic parquet tiles, and in the womens’ it is pastel pink. Now all I want is ceramic parquet.

Is there anything on your Christmas list from Liberty this year?
So much! The Crystal Bulb pendant light by Lee Broom would be my dream gift, but I would be equally happy with the glass lemon squeezer/measuring jug in the kitchen department, or a jar of the Flowers of Liberty Seville Orange Marmalade.

What do you do when you need some interiors inspiration?
Genuinely, I pop into Liberty. There is always such an inspiring mix of homewares, and it makes for a very calming, very energising few minutes. My office now is about three minutes walk from Liberty, so the store has become my happy place.

Finally, if you were trapped in Liberty overnight, what would you do?
Head to the chocolate department and get stuck in.

If you loved hearing from Pip, browse his gifting edit entailing all his favourite Liberty products! Make sure you share with us your favourites on Twitter or Instagram @LibertyLondon.


Liberty News: The Mr Hare Sneaker Installation

Friday 31st October 2014, 15.56

Liberty welcomes the new men’s luxury sneaker installation from Mr Hare.


Last night Mr Hare launched his new line of leather trainers at Liberty in a roar of cocktails and beats from DJ Khalil (Livin’ Proof) at Liberty. On the Lower Ground floor, the installation took over the men’s shoes department showcasing the three new styles: a high top, low top and skate shoe.

For those not yet in the know, the Mr Hare brand began in a uniquely casual beginning, and his shoes follow the same trend with their laid back yet dashing designs. It all started in Spain in 2008 when Mr Hare noticed a gentleman’s old and weathered footwear, and thought that with a few tweaks, they could be transformed into fashionable, dapper shoes.

Today, Mr Hare is a world-renowned high-fashion name. His signature shoe style is casual meets luxury in a fiercely successful combination, and he is proud to be taking London shoes global.

Mr Hare Manifesto-722

We spoke to Marc Hare about being stocked in Liberty:

How are you feeling about being stocked in Liberty?
I’m super excited about it, it’s the best men’s shoe department in all of London and we know that because we’ve been in here before and all of our sophisticated Mr Hare customers always come here.

Was the shoe department your first experience of Liberty?
No, it’s a legend of a place. It’s like stepping into Alice’s Wonderland, it’s the most beautiful building in all of London and to have our shoes in here is an absolute honour.

Now you’re in Liberty, what’s next?
Retirement in a few months…! No we’ve just launched leather trainers for the first time this season they’re the most amazing thing, Italian made, top to bottom full leather sneakers. It’s something that we’re going to put a lot of effort into over the next few years – I’ve always been a South London sneaker boy so it’s my thing!

What do you think your brand is bringing to the Liberty shoe department that it was missing before?
Some London freshness – there’s a lot of shoes in here from all over the world but miraculously not many originate/ are home-grown in London.

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