Beauty Beat: Aurelia’s Repair and Rebalance Probiotic Facial

Monday 1st September 2014, 11.14




Have you booked in for you next facial? Well before you do, you might want to consider giving the new Repair and Rebalance facial by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare a try. Liberty Online’s Assistant Editor, Fiona Davies, reviews the new miracle treatment.

Aurelia Repair and Rebalance Facial

“Think back to the last time you had a really great facial. Within the last month? Maybe in the last year? Never? Well it’s certainly been a while since I’ve treated my skin to such a luxury. So when I was invited to try Aurelia’s new Repair and Rebalance Probiotic facial, I could almost feel my face jumping for joy at the thought of a full hour of pampering ahead. What followed did not disappoint.

My treatment began, as it should, with a quick chat with my therapist about my skin’s history before the first product of the treatment was applied. The wonderfully soothing Aurelia Skincare Miracle Cleanser all over my face and décolletage. I really love this cleanser, for its beautiful smell and gorgeous creamy texture. I use it often in my own everyday skincare routine and my skin seems to look undeniably smoother afterwards. The eucalyptus and chamomile are particularly great for calming the skin and treating blemishes.

Aurelia Skincare Facial Review

Next the Refine and Polish Miracle Balm; this facial polish is absolutely genius. Like a typical exfoliator, but with tiny granules so it’s very gentle on the skin, it works to clear away any lingering dead skin and brightens your complexion. Needless to say, my skin felt like satin once it had been rinsed off.

But the facial really came into itself during the Cell Repair Night Oil facial massage stage – a deep massage routine with one of the most incredible natural facial oils I have tried. The therapist spent a good 10 minutes working the oil in with a skilful, targeted facial massage that had me drifting off to sleep more than once!

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Review

Post-massage, Aurelia’s Rose Mask was applied and left to sink in while my therapist massaged my hands with the oil, releasing further tension. Once the mask was gently removed, the massage was completed with the Revitalise and Brighten Eye Dew – a roller ball that cools the eye area while applying a light serum to reduce puffiness. Finally the Day serum and moisturiser were applied to seal the deal.

What I loved most about this facial was the breadth of the Aurelia range that it covers. You really get to see the instant benefits of the brand’s best products, and come out the other side looking like you’ve been on holiday in the South of France for two weeks. My skin felt rich, moisturised, and plumper and I was glowing. Moreover, I felt like I’d just had the best beauty sleep of my life. I highly recommend it, whether for seasoned facialists or novices.”

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Aurelia’s Probiotic Repair and Rebalance facials are available at the Liberty Beauty Treatment rooms throughout the year. The next event is due on Wednesday 3 September. Find out more about the facial here, and browse our schedule of treatments here for future events.


Liberty News: Honouring the First World War Centenary

Tuesday 5th August 2014, 13.45



On Monday 4th August, the 100th anniversary of the day Britain joined the First World War, Liberty unveiled a specially curated window in honour of the 44 then members of staff who died in the battles.

Liberty memorial window

4th August 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the day Britain entered one of the costliest conflicts in history – the First World War – with fighting continuing until 11th November 1918, Armistice Day.

In memory of the 44 members of Liberty staff who were killed in the battles, the Liberty team have curated a very special window. Come down to Great Marlborough street and take a look – you can also find their names inscribed on the west-wing stairwell, just off the Jewellery Hall.

first world war centenary window

We would like to invite any relatives of the Liberty staff listed below to come and view the window. You can also view the list here. If you would like to talk to us, or would like any more information, please email

Liberty First World War memorial


The Liberty Design Studio Inspires Crowds at Hampton Court Flower Show

Wednesday 9th July 2014, 18.07




The lovely Liberty Design Studio creatives have designed a giant Liberty print-covered letter sculpture for the Hampton Court Flower show.

Last week three members from our lovely wholesale design studio spent a busy few days at the Hampton Court Flower Show, creating a beautiful and inspiring Liberty print patchwork letter ‘I’ to greet the thousands of visitors who will enter over the coming week.

Head of Design Emma Mawston said, “The interior and rear side of the letter represent over thirty years of Liberty history, and the classic designs Liberty is so famous for. The fabrics were arranged in a beautifully random way as we don’t work to specific colour stories when colouring the classics.

The front of the letter is created with blue, pink and purple swatches to blend with the colour the other letters were painted. We started with blues, moving into pinks and then purples. The designs were mainly from the fashion fabric collection with a few classics included. The purple  front of the letter being very apt as it represents the colour of Liberty.

The side on show has more of a graded colour distribution as our seasonal fashion fabric collections are created with specific palettes. The designs are placed to represent from the bottom upwards: earth, grass and flowers with the sky, clouds and sunshine at the top. Prints used were a selection of styles by the Liberty Art Fabrics design studio, The Liberty Archive and 25 artist and group collaborations including Grayson Perry, Rachel de Thame, John Malkovich, Florence Welch and Deborah Landis.”

Visit Hampton Court Flower Show this week to see the design studio’s printed masterpiece and tweet us your pictures @LibertyLondon.


Liberty Celebrates The Henri Matisse Cut-Outs Exhibition At Tate Modern

Friday 16th May 2014, 16.44





Liberty windows celebrate Henri Matisse’s Cut-Outs exhibition at Tate Modern.

Liberty Henri Matisse Tribute windows

This summer, Tate Modern is showcasing a landmark exhibition of Henri Matisse‘s most treasured art works from around the world. A modern art giant, this once-in-a-lifetime show explores the final chapter in Matisse’s career in which he began ‘carving into colour’ and his series of spectacular cut-outs was born. World famous pieces, such as Tate’s ‘The Snail’ 1953 is shown alongside its sister work ‘Memory of Oceania’ 1953 and ‘Large Composition with Masks’ 1953 at 10 metres long. A photograph of Matisse’s studio reveals that these works were initially conceived as a unified whole, and this is the first time they will have been together in over 50 years.

Liberty X Studio Boo Paper Cut-out windows

London is the first city to host the show before it moves to New York’s Museum of Modern Art and then back to the relevant private owners and galleries to which it belongs. To mark this special exhibition, Liberty has decorated its shopfront window displays with installations referencing Matisse’s recognisable coloured paper cut-out technique. We caught up with Liberty’s Managing Director Ed Burstell as he explained the motives and influence behind the displays.

Ed Burstell Managing Director at Liberty

“As a transplanted New Yorker working for the hallowed British institution that is Liberty, I jumped at the chance for my team and I to collaborate with Tate Modern – London’s world famous, iconic, cultural institution. Tate Modern is the first in the world to host this groundbreaking exhibition of Matisse cut-outs, shining a light on the artist’s creative resurgence towards the end of his life, when he refused to let ill health stop him. His cut outs demonstrate his genius through the use of scale and colour in a joyous primal explosion…. simple, but sophisticated.

Our current window scheme is inspired by the work of Henri Matisse, depicted in this current exhibit as well as the general spirit and aesthetic of his work. Liberty approached paper artists and stylists, Studio Boo, about working on a concept that reflects Matisse’s cut-outs, using their signature style of layering and texture building with paper. Paper, being significant to Matisse as well as having a current surge in popularity as a medium. Studio Boo then designed a concept based on Matisse works about the sea. Using similar expressive shapes to suggest the organic matter of the ocean they created windows that have movement and 3D elements, bringing to life the colours and shapes and combining with select products from around our store. As colour and form were both key mediums of expression for Matisse, the Liberty Visual Merchandising team carefully selected items from all departments of the store to complement and animate these windows. All the patterned paper shapes are taken from the seasonal Liberty Art Fabrics collections, with the final window showcasing the new Liberty London Iphis accessories collection.”

Liberty X Tate Modern Henri Matisse windows

Tate Modern Henri Matisse exhibition windows at Liberty

The Liberty ‘Matisse’ window display will run until 16 June 2014.  Henri Matisse Cut-Outs run from 17 April – 7 September 2014.


Team Liberty Take On Nike’s We Own The Night 10K Run

Friday 9th May 2014, 17.28





Team Liberty gets ready to run Nike’s 10km race ‘We Own The Night’

Team Liberty for Nike 10k run


After weeks of training… some more than others, team Liberty is finally ready to run Nike’s 10k race tomorrow evening. ‘We Own The Night‘ is a women-only run, first set up by Nike last year, where 10,000 women take to the streets of East London (aka Victoria Park) at night. This year the run in association with Elle promised to be better than the last, so naturally we thought we needed to sign ourselves up.

You might not have heard, but we’re rather into Nike here at Liberty! So not only was our signing up a mark of our courage, it was also in support of the recently launched Nike X Liberty print collection. We’re still feeling a little too protective over our new Liberty print gear so we won’t be running in it! But we are hoping to get our hands on the exclusive finisher’s necklace designed by iconic jewellery designer and Liberty favourite, Alex Monroe.

It’s set to rain tomorrow, but that hasn’t dampened our spirits. If you’re running tomorrow we wish you luck, too. Why not show you support for team Liberty by tweeting us messages and pictures of your Liberty print Nikes to @LibertyLondon #weownthenight.


Liberty running for Nike 'We Own The Night'