Liberty of London: Meet Sophie Pate

Wednesday 3rd December 2014, 9.00

Meet Sophie Pate, Liberty’s Senior Press Officer.


We chatted to Sophie about featuring in the second season of Liberty of London, her favourite designers and what it’s really like to work at Liberty…

Name: Sophie Pate

Job title: Senior Press Officer

Years of service at Liberty: 5

Favourite Liberty moment:
Hands-down, my favourite moment at Liberty was meeting Pharrell Williams as I have loved him for so many years!

How do you feel about being featured on Liberty of London?
At first I didn’t think that much of it, because you never really know what will be featured… But then the weeks went on they filmed more and more and I was asked to be in the campaign photos, so I really started to freak out. I hope I look okay on camera – we all know it adds a few pounds! – but it’s an honour to be in the show and something I am very proud to be part of. I am really open to receiving fan mail too!

Who are your go-to designers for the festive season?
Marco de Vincenzo is perfect for the festive season – whether that’s a fab polo neck or a super sparkly metallic shirt – and for amazing party dresses I always turn to one of my favourite designers, Roksanda Illincic.

What is your favourite AW14 trend?
I love a big chunky knit paired with thigh high boots; I’ll currently be found in my big, oversized Acne Studios jumper dress with a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood boots.

What do you enjoy most about working at Liberty?
We are always working on amazing projects, so no month is ever the same. Over the years I have been very lucky with the projects I have been involved in and the people I get to work with – we are like one big family.

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Liberty of London: Meet Maggie Lin

Wednesday 26th November 2014, 10.15

Meet Maggie Lin, Liberty’s representative at Eastsong Consulting UK.


Maggie Lin tells us all about her role at Eastsong Consulting UK, introducing overseas visitors to Liberty, enhancing Liberty’s iconic status and promoting British design on an international level…

Name: Maggie Lin

What do you do at Liberty?
I work for Eastsong Consulting UK, Liberty’s partner agent, helping Liberty introduce itself to Chinese tourists.

What is your favourite thing about the role?
Shopping, of course! My job is about introducing and helping promote different brands to the Chinese in the UK and making Chinese customers feel excited about different products and British brands they haven’t heard of before.

What’s on your Liberty wishlist this Christmas?
A lot – jewellery, bags, clothes, shoes… I personally like discovering new products and every time Liberty has something new in I have to try it, especially new brands in the Beauty Hall.

What do you think the future holds for overseas shoppers and Liberty?
I believe that Chinese shoppers will find Liberty very interesting and will enjoy discovering secret products and exclusive brands we stock. Nowadays, staying unique and different is the key to attracting high level customers because they have already shopped everywhere else and will request something special.

What do you think makes Liberty such a great tourist attraction?
The building, with all its history, and the exclusive products that people cannot buy anywhere else. Liberty scarves are especially popular.

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Liberty of London: Meet Emma Mawston

Wednesday 26th November 2014, 10.15

Meet Emma Mawston, Head of Design for Liberty Art Fabrics Interiors.


We chatted to Emma Mawston about her new role as the Head of Liberty Art Fabrics, her favourite prints, and the new ‘Secret Garden’ collection…

We hear there have been changes to your role since we saw you on Liberty of London last year?
I now solely head-up the Liberty Art Fabrics interior design side of the business, having been Head of Fashion Fabrics for over sixteen years previously.

How do you feel about featuring the new Liberty prints in season 2 of the show?
I am very excited about showing our new interior fabric collection; the team has worked so hard and the designs and colourways on both fabric and wallpaper look amazing. I have loved being able to concentrate on interior fabrics, having the time to hand draw and paint a full width Tree of Life for the collection.

What are your favourite Autumn/Winter prints this year?
I have three favourite Liberty prints in the current Liberty interior fabric collection: Floral Mawston Meadow in pollen, Flowers of Xanthe Sunbeam in moss and September Roslynd in onyx. I have cushions in all these prints in my house.

Do you work with collaborating artists on print design or is it all in-house?
The designs for the Liberty interior ‘Secret Garden’ fabric and wallpaper collection – which features in the show and launches early 2015 – are all archive or were created in-house. We will be working with collaborators for our next interior collection though, so watch this space!

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Liberty of London: Meet Bruce Lepere

Wednesday 26th November 2014, 10.15

Meet Bruce Lepere, our Oriental Carpet and Furniture Buyer at Liberty.


Bruce Lepere is Liberty’s Oriental Carpet and Furniture Buyer, an expert in sourcing the most unique and beautiful rugs, carpets and furniture from exotic locations all around the world. If he’s not jetting off to find new additions to the Liberty halls, you’ll find him on the 4th floor in his “Moroccan Souk”. We chatted to Bruce about his latest trips and favourite places to source one-off gems…

“It’s about trying to find the one special piece. Most of us live in a very boring environment – white box, grey sofa, wooden floor, TV in the corner.

My job is to inject some colour into that otherwise dull atmosphere, and that can be through a painting, a beautiful pot sitting in the windowsill, a rug on the floor, or a fantastic coffee table. Whatever it is, it’s a way of trying to cheer up your life, to get a bit of colour into it.”

How was your recent Morocco trip?
It was fantastic and we did a lot of travelling! We went to see weavers who are specially weaving things for us, then we went down to Safi on the coast where we have our ceramics made, and bought a lot of rugs in Marrakesh. It was very short, but a lot of work. I go to Morocco four or five times in a year, as we do a lot of work there.

What’s your favourite place to go on a buying trip?
My favourite place is probably Peshawar right in the Khyber Pass, in between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s a bit like the Wild West there, a fabulous place.

Have you been anywhere new this year?
I’ve been doing this for a little while, and because all of our items are one-off pieces, it’s about finding the item rather than a whole new place to hunt. There are always new things because we buy one-off pieces.

You’re famous at Liberty for your rugs. Where do you source them?
Our powerbases are Pakistan, Morocco and East India, though occasionally we’ve had the odd Swedish or English rug that’s extra special.

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Liberty of London: Meet Louis Matthewman

Wednesday 19th November 2014, 17.07

Meet Louis Matthewman, Liberty’s Marketing Projects & Events Officer.


Season 2 of Liberty of London has arrived, so we’ve taken the opportunity to get to know a few of the key characters a little better. Here, Louis Matthewman talks about how life has changed since the show’s first series, the A-listers  he’s worked with, and his favourite events to-date…

Job title: Marketing Projects & Events Officer

Years of service at Liberty: 5 ½ years

What does your position entail? I’m responsible for managing all in-store events, as well as working on marketing projects – that could be campaigns or guerilla advertising – it’s quite a varied job.

How has life changed since the first season of Liberty of London? The biggest change would be my promotion. Now I work purely on events and marketing projects, whereas before I was Ed’s PA.

How did you feel going into the second season of Liberty of London? To be honest I didn’t really think about it! The crew gradually arrived and started filming; suddenly it felt like they’d never left. Now they feel like colleagues, they’re just another part of the furniture.

What’s your favourite Liberty moment from the past year? The best thing I’ve had the opportunity to do was work with Manolo Blahnik. His ‘World of Manolo’ events were pretty amazing, plus I got to meet him and go to his showroom. He is such a whirlwind character!

Who has been your favourite celebrity you’ve met working at Liberty? Yesterday I saw Lindsay Lohan in-store and that was a very “Oh my God” moment. Generally I’m not too fazed by celebrities as I’ve always worked in this kind of industry. The thing I love about Liberty is actually the people who work here – so varied, so creative, very eccentric. I guess day-to-day it’s actually the employees that make the job interesting.

You’ve put on some stunning events for Liberty – which are you proudest of? Our London Collection Men’s events with Men’s Health are always a lot of fun – it’s a really cool crowd and a good vibe. But I think the two events I’m proudest of are the Christmas windows unveiling last year – we did a light show projected onto the building  – and my 2011 fashion week event with Alexander Wang – Beth Ditto performed and Nick Grimshaw DJ’ed.

What’s your favourite men’s winter trend? I’m quite into the roll-necks this season – I don’t really follow fashion but when I find something I like I buy several of them.

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