Exclusive: Fendi x Thierry Lasry

Tuesday 10th March 2015, 15.07

Introducing Thierry Lasry’s collaboration with Fendi – exclusive to Liberty for one month.

Thierry Lasry Fendi Sunglasses

Thierry Lasry has collaborated with Fendi on an avant-garde-meets-luxury collaboration this spring. The bold yet elegant frames take inspiration from the colourful Fendi archives, along with prints and images from Fendi’s previous campaigns. Featuring bright, geometric patterns inspired by Cubism and Kinetic art, the collection offers a combination of vintage inspiration and experimental design.

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Take a #LibertyScarfSelfie

Friday 6th March 2015, 15.13

Drop into the Liberty Scarf Hall to learn how to style your favourite scarf and take a #LibertyScarfSelfie.

Liberty Scarf Selfie

Visit the styling station in the Liberty Scarf Hall to talk colours, fabrics and new ways to wear with our expert stylists. Choose from brand new designer prints and colourways including the limited edition Carnaby Cosmos scarf, created by Liberty London in collaboration with Biba founder Barbara Hulanicki.

Liberty Scarf Styling

Drop in, pick up some tips and show us how you style yours using #LibertyScarfSelfie. See the selfies >

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Spotlight On: Rodebjer

Friday 13th February 2015, 14.55

Introducing Rodebjer, exclusively available at Liberty.


Founded in New York in 1999 after native Swede Carin Rodebjer’s designs caught the eye of New York buyers, Rodebjer offers laid-back luxury designed to be lived in. Exclusive to Liberty, Carin’s designs feature feminine tailoring inspired by the landscapes of her tranquil birthplace – Swedish island Gotland – the intensity of her adopted New York and the strength of the women she admires.


Close-up detail and soft draping lend a unique edge to traditional minimalism, while innovative construction allows the garments to be worn in multiple ways. This distinct aesthetic has earned Rodebjer numerous prestigious awards, including Swedish ELLE Designer of the Year. We caught up with designer Carin to talk design inspiration and stylish living, as her collection drops exclusively at Liberty.

We’re excited about Rodebjer launching, could you tell us about your inspiration for this collection?
I’m very excited as well. The inspiration for this collection was to visualize the life of an urban nomad. I wanted something that functioned well in the pulse of the city but at the same time felt relaxed. I wanted something that was very direct and therefore I studied the directness and energy of indigenous art as well as unschooled, yet brilliant, creativity.
– New York is such a unique city; does it influence your work? In what ways does this combine with Swedish fashion?
New York influences my work a lot. The energy, the people in the city, the melting pot of different cultures and styles. I like to bring that intensity into the Swedish sensibility and the Swedish style that used to be quite minimalistic. Therefore I usually say that our expression is rich yet clean. A mix of New York and Sweden.

In what way do powerful and independent women inspire your work?
I have always been inspired by women who take responsibility and lead their own lives. Therefore I want to make versatile design so these women can find their own personality in the collections. I don’t want to dictate too much and I don’t want our design to restrict movement.

Why choose Liberty for the exclusive?
Liberty is such an amazing department store. I like your heritage and I like what you are now. It’s a privilege to see Rodebjer as a part of your offering.

What is your top tip for stylish living?
Make yourself rich of valuable experiences.

What was it like moving multiple times between Stockholm and New York – was it difficult?
This last time was a bit more difficult since I brought a 1-year old child. Finding good daycare and insurances can drive you a bit crazy but it was definitely worth it. I have earned so many amazing experiences out of this.

Have you had a chance to visit Liberty? Do you have a store wish list?
I have been to Liberty but unfortunately not in a while. New York has kind of sucked me into it’s machinery. I haven’t had too much time to spend in Europe but that will definitely change because I miss Europe a lot.

What is your favourite Liberty department?
I love the fabric department – I love all the Liberty fabrics and patterns.

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A Date with Rory Dobner

Friday 6th February 2015, 10.45

Artist Rory Dobner introduces the exclusive Love collection.

Rory Dobner

A favourite in the Liberty Gift Room, Rory Dobner’s intricate illustrations are a must-have for any stylish home. With a repertoire including sculpture, print and home furnishings, his English-made artworks have garnered a global following. We chatted to Rory about his Valentine’s Days past and present ahead of his visit to Liberty on 13 February, where he will be signing purchases and introducing the exclusive Love collection.

Best Valentine’s Day:
Sitting on the beach as the sun came up after a fun night out with our feet in the sand.

Worst Valentine’s Day:
It was at an antiques market where I came across the most amazing chandelier which I wanted to buy for my wife so I was extremely pleased that I had: a) remembered Valentine’s Day b) actually come across something she would like. I was happy all the way on the bus to meet her at her favourite restaurant up to the point where I greeted her, and mid-cuddle realised I had left the aforementioned chandelier cosily on its own seat on the bus…

Best Valentine’s gift to receive:
Anything! If you get a Valentine’s gift think yourself very lucky!

Best Valentine’s gift you’ve given:
A personalised Intricate Ink Tile I wrote a VERY special secret message on. It’s now publicly on display on [my wife's] office wall.

Dream Valentine’s date location?
Underwater – preferably scuba diving in Mexico.

Favourite piece you’ve worked on:
Having the opportunity to hand paint (in the boiling hot sun under a holey umbrella) my cat monocle on a 20 foot wall at a hotel abroad.

Favourite character in your alphabet:
E for Extinct. I love my little dodo. I think we would have been pals if he was still around to hang out with on Valentine’s Day.

Top 3 inspirations:
My childrens’ imaginations, the Natural History Museum and any and every antiques market.

Why made in England?
I was made here so it made sense. I love England!

Rory Dobner Love Collection

Shop Rory Dobner online . Visit us in-store in the Gift Room on the third floor Friday 13 February 12 – 7pm to have your purchases signed by Rory. Find out more


Want healthier looking skin? Discover Omega 3

Wednesday 28th January 2015, 10.11

On January 29 Melanie Lawson, founder of Bare Biology, will be in-store to showcase her revolutionary Lion Heart Omega 3 Fish Oil liquid and capsules.


Bare Biology is another great success from the Liberty Best of British Open Call 2014, a regular in our must-have beauty products selections, thanks to its high health benefits.

In-store we will be giving customers the chance to sample Bare Biology’s Lion Heart liquid fish oil and take away five day’s worth of Lion Heart capsules to try at home. You will also have the opportunity to direct health questions to Bare Biology’s nutritional therapist, specialising in women’s health and fertility, who will be present with Melanie on the day.

Simply visit the Must-Haves section of the Beauty Hall 5.30-8pm January 29 2015 to take advantage of this health opportunity.


Melanie founded Bare Biology with a desire to create products to enhance health and wellbeing. After having three kids achieving optimum health turned into her strongest passion, and since the UK lacked a supplement with a guarantee of purity, Lawson set out to create her own.


For the un-initiated, there are many advantages of taking Omega 3 rich fish oil. It’s the original superfood supplement, the most widely researched and consumed on the planet. It is clinically proven to reduce the chances of heart attack, lower blood pressure and triglycerides, fight depression, reduce the risk of dementia, aid the development of babies and children’s brains, support mothers during and post pregnancy, and has many more benefits besides.

We’re thoroughly convinced in Omega 3’s ability to help our health in both the short and the long run, and the most efficient and natural way of doing that is with Bare Biology’s pure liquid and capsules supplement. Shop Lion Hart Omega 3 now.

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