Make This: Liberty print bomber jacket with The New Craft Society

Tuesday 25th November 2014, 10.00

Having taken the world of DIY craft blogging by storm, The New Craft Society show us their latest sewing project.


Hannah and Rosie are the creative masterminds behind The New Craft Society sewing blog. With Hannah in Germany and Rosie in England, they put their DIY craft ideas together and share their projects with a broad online community. We chatted to Hannah about their latest projects, what handmade gifts are on the cards for Christmas this year, plus we bring you their step-by-step guide of how to make your own chic Liberty print quilted bomber jacket.

Why do you think it’s important to pass on crafting traditions?
Crafting is still increasing in popularity and we find this so exciting! How amazing is it that you can make something in the same way that people have for hundreds of years and apply the techniques to modern, stylish designs? We have both learnt skills from our own parents and grandparents and it is wonderful that this knowledge has been shared and passed on.

What inspired you to start your blog?
We’d both been crafting away at home and sharing our projects with each other, but we wanted a way to share our projects with a wider audience. I was living in Germany and Rosie was in England, so a blog seemed like the obvious way for us to put both of our projects in the same place and show everyone! Rosie came over to visit me in Berlin and we dreamed up the idea of The New Craft Society.

What is your favourite medium to work with, and do you prefer sewing or knitting?
At the moment we are both sewing a lot as we are working on our handmade Christmas gifts. My favourite medium is fabric, I love how quickly and easily a flat piece can be transformed. Rosie probably likes yarn best, although she loves sewing too. She loves how tactile yarn can be and is a bit obsessed with knitwear in general.

Will you be making any Christmas presents this year?
Yes! We always hand make all of our Christmas presents. It’s so much more personal and often has hilarious results. Last year I gifted my brother a hat that he could just about squeeze over the top of his head… This year we’re both planning on making everyone pyjamas in different Liberty prints.

Do you have any ambitious upcoming projects?
We’ve both been working on some Liberty print quilts for a while now. The process of hand quilting them takes ages so they were possibly too ambitious for the amount of free time we both have. We’re also starting to develop our own sewing kits which is very exciting!

What’s the biggest crafting challenge you’ve taken on so far?
I made a quilt for a friend’s wedding. Despite a huge amount of advice and help from my Nana, this quilt took me ages to complete. I had completely underestimated the amount of work involved. Next time I’ll be much more prepared.

What tips would you give to people new to making/crafting?
Just to keep experimenting and trying out new things. Don’t take on something too complex or that’ll end up very frustrating. It’s wonderful to see how your skills develop over time, so just keep doing little projects and learning!

What Liberty prints do you have your eye on at the moment, do you have any more Liberty print projects in the pipeline?
We both love the Grayson Perry prints and basically everything that came out of the Scandinavian inspiration trip. My favourite has to be Ianthe; it’s a bit more masculine than other Liberty prints and has amazing colourways. Rosie loves Poppy and Daisy at the moment and we’re both huge fans of Wild Flowers. We always have Liberty print projects in the pipeline! Have a look at our Instagram @NewCraftSociety for pictures of upcoming projects.

How to make your own Liberty print quilted bomber jacket:

“Ianthe is one of my favourite prints so I had been storing up this piece while I waited for the perfect project. This bomber was made from Papercut’s Rigel bomber pattern, which is an absolute dream to sew up. I’d recommend that you have some sewing experience before tackling it, but it is definitely a pattern that you’ll learn lots of new skills from – welted pockets and raglan sleeves! I made some adjustments to the pattern to create a quilted, fully-lined bomber…”


You will need:

Papercut’s Rigel bomber pattern
– All of your pattern pieces cut out except the facing pieces
– 2m of cotton batting
– A walking foot – definitely not essential, but always makes quilting easier
– A fabric pen
– A ruler
– Thread that matches (or clashes) your fabric – this will be visible
– 2m of lining fabric

How to make:

1. Pin all of your cut out pieces to the cotton batting right side up. Cut around each piece leaving about an inch of extra batting around each edge, sometimes fabric can shift when quilting so this is just to make sure you have enough space to allow for this.

2. Using your quilting ruler, draw your first line at a 45° angle from the bottom of each piece. Do the same in the other direction to create a cross.

3. If you have a walking foot with a stitch guide there is no need to draw on all of the lines which makes this so much quicker. You just need to set the guide at the distance you want your quilting to be at – I would recommend between 1.5 and 2 inches – and then start quilting! If you don’t have a guide you’ll need to draw all of the lines on yourself before you can begin quilting. Complete this stage for the back, both front pieces and both sleeves.

4. After you have quilted all of the pieces, trim off the excess batting. You can now follow the pattern construction in the Papercut instructions.
5. After you have assembled the jacket, grade all of your seam allowances to accommodate the extra bulk you’ve added with the batting.

6. To line your jacket you need to cut out the back, two front pieces and 2 sleeves and assemble as instructed. For the front lining pieces make sure that you add on the extra length that is given in the facing pieces. This will cover up the edge of the waist band.

7. When the instructions say to add the facing, you need to sew in your lining. Turn the right way out and fit the sleeve lining inside each sleeve.

8. To secure the lining at the bottom of the bodice and end of each arm, use a slip stitch to secure it by hand.

Inspired to create your own bomber jacket? Browse our new season fabrics and get sewing!

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Liberty of London: Meet Louis Matthewman

Wednesday 19th November 2014, 17.07

Meet Louis Matthewman, Liberty’s Marketing Projects & Events Officer.


Season 2 of Liberty of London has arrived, so we’ve taken the opportunity to get to know a few of the key characters a little better. Here, Louis Matthewman talks about how life has changed since the show’s first series, the A-listers  he’s worked with, and his favourite events to-date…

Job title: Marketing Projects & Events Officer

Years of service at Liberty: 5 ½ years

What does your position entail? I’m responsible for managing all in-store events, as well as working on marketing projects – that could be campaigns or guerilla advertising – it’s quite a varied job.

How has life changed since the first season of Liberty of London? The biggest change would be my promotion. Now I work purely on events and marketing projects, whereas before I was Ed’s PA.

How did you feel going into the second season of Liberty of London? To be honest I didn’t really think about it! The crew gradually arrived and started filming; suddenly it felt like they’d never left. Now they feel like colleagues, they’re just another part of the furniture.

What’s your favourite Liberty moment from the past year? The best thing I’ve had the opportunity to do was work with Manolo Blahnik. His ‘World of Manolo’ events were pretty amazing, plus I got to meet him and go to his showroom. He is such a whirlwind character!

Who has been your favourite celebrity you’ve met working at Liberty? Yesterday I saw Lindsay Lohan in-store and that was a very “Oh my God” moment. Generally I’m not too fazed by celebrities as I’ve always worked in this kind of industry. The thing I love about Liberty is actually the people who work here – so varied, so creative, very eccentric. I guess day-to-day it’s actually the employees that make the job interesting.

You’ve put on some stunning events for Liberty – which are you proudest of? Our London Collection Men’s events with Men’s Health are always a lot of fun – it’s a really cool crowd and a good vibe. But I think the two events I’m proudest of are the Christmas windows unveiling last year – we did a light show projected onto the building  – and my 2011 fashion week event with Alexander Wang – Beth Ditto performed and Nick Grimshaw DJ’ed.

What’s your favourite men’s winter trend? I’m quite into the roll-necks this season – I don’t really follow fashion but when I find something I like I buy several of them.

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Liberty of London: Meet Lee Whittle

Wednesday 19th November 2014, 17.06

Meet star of Liberty of London, General Manager Lee Whittle.


We chat with Liberty’s General Manager, Lee Whittle from the second season of Liberty of London, about his favourite trends, working at Liberty and what has changed since the show first aired in 2013.

Name: Lee Whittle

Job title: General Manager

Years of service at Liberty: 6

What’s on your Liberty wish list this Christmas?
Lanvin Men’s is new to Liberty so – yes please.

What is your favourite winter trend?
Shearling coats, luxury knits and cool trainers.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Liberty?
The Team.

What has changed for you since the first season of Liberty of London?
My beard grew.

Do you think the store has changed in the past year?
The store is constantly changing, the layout, the offer, so it’s essential we keep it exciting and moving forward.

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Liberty of London: Meet Kate Brindley

Wednesday 19th November 2014, 17.06

Meet Kate Brindley, Head of Press and Marketing, in our meet the stars exclusives.


After much anticipation, Season 2 of Liberty of London has arrived. Catch up with Kate Brindley about everything from her Christmas wishlist to her favourite designers this season, and what has changed since last year’s series premiere.

Job title:
Head of Press and Marketing

Years of service at Liberty: 6

What’s different about doing the show this time around?
One more episode which has meant hours and hours more of filming to fill it!!

What’s on your Liberty wishlist this Christmas?
Everything! It’s the only place I shop at Christmas time and not just because my office is right next door!
I’m buying the Splendid Dressing Up crowns for my gorgeous god daughters, the beauty advent calendar for my 2 female best friends, an Iphis navy weekend bag or document holder from Liberty London for my very lucky male best friends and Bamford organic baby products for my sister who is due to have her first baby very soon. I will also be sending out Rosie Wonders Christmas cards to everyone – they are so fun and beautifully done.
I am a huge fan of self-gifting at Christmas… After all how else do you guarantee you get exactly what you want? This year I’m going to spoil myself with an Eva Fehren opaque sapphire and diamond pendant. I’ve been a very good girl after all!!

Who are your go-to designers for the festive season?
Marco de Vincenzo for skipping around in during the day and then Roksanda or Jonathan Saunders for showing off in for an evening – always teamed with a major pair of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes of course.

What is your favourite winter trend?
Oversized outerwear – it takes a real woman of substance to pull it off but when one does… Well it’s so major!

What changes/events have happened in the year since last season of Liberty of London?
New people joining the business bringing with them an exciting new perspective… It’s been especially good to have Liz Silvester the new head of Visual Identity on board as she is so brilliant at what she does. We also see a lot more of the ‘business’ decisions the team makes this time around at things like NY fashion week. I like that as it shows there is SOME method to our madness!

What’s been your favourite Liberty moment in the last year?
I think it was Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. We had a hairy start to event getting it all ready in time but the night was so fun in the end. The customers that come in for things like that are always so brilliant and we had lots of great London designers like Henry Holland in-store holding court. The whole night’s proceedings were compeered by the stylist Richard Sloan who has the most wonderful energy and way of making everyone behave scandalously.

What have you got planned for the next year at Liberty?
A sabbatical!

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