Beauty Beat: Bespoke Beauty Service at Liberty

Tuesday 21st October 2014, 15.03

Introducing the bespoke beauty service in the Liberty Beauty Hall, where our beauty specialists select beauty and skincare products tailored to you.

This October, a new beauty service is gracing our floors. The Liberty beauty department has introduced its first personal shopping service; we caught up with Personal Beauty Specialist Kylie McMichael about her new role, what her fail-safe products are and her best beauty tips.


You must be excited about the new bespoke service at Liberty, how will this change things for you?
I am very excited indeed! The bespoke beauty service at Liberty is a massive game changer in the way our clients will see beauty products. The biggest issue I’ve found with clients is that once they’ve left the store they’ve no idea how to use the gorgeous goodies they’ve just purchased. I’m providing long term, realistic advice they can implement at home along with tailor made items that are ready for action. Making the service personal makes such a difference.

What first inspired you to be a beauty specialist?
I first saw a gap in the market around 3 years ago whilst shopping for my own kit in Liberty. I was wandering around the beauty hall and thought the benefit would be huge, both for Liberty in helping clients find their dream products and customers who love their products, want to accomplish a look or routine but simply don’t know where to start.

What is the best beauty tip you’re ever received?
Be your own Make Up Artist, Bobbi Brown. As soon as you get to know the way your face works, and the way to keep yourself healthy, you’re golden. You can achieve anything with the right advice

What is your Winter skincare regime?
Keeping my skin hydrated is vital. I have highly sensitised, dehydrated and dry skin. A great combination! I start with Anne Semonin’s Mineral Mask for a really thorough yet kind cleanse, a spritz of Chantecaille’s Eau de Rose de Mai to soothe and hydrate my complexion, finishing off with Kiehl’s Avocado Creamy Eye treatment and Dr Sebagh’s Extreme Maintenance Cream for Dry and Sensitive skin. I also alternate my exfoliating routine, I switch between Anne Semonin’s Exfoliating Mask, and Morihata’s Binchotan’s Charcoal Facial Puff.

Where do you find inspiration for new and different make-up looks e.g. every day wear or wedding makeup?
It’s a cliché, but everywhere! Most things do just pop into my head so I’ll blend different products together in different ways and think, oh I’ll try that on a client if they’re game. Researching my own wedding day make up looks via social media outlets really helped impart wisdom to my clients too!

If you could give one piece of advice about purchasing make-up, what would it be?
Always try before you buy. I’ve been known to go outside the store with clients and a mirror and show them what everything looks like in the ‘real world’. Some ladies get lost in the hard sale vortex, Liberty is proudly different and I’ll do whatever it takes to make our clients happy. If it means applying make-up and showing colour variations outside, in the snow or rain, I’ll do it.

What is your go-to/fail-safe beauty product?
Oh gosh, there are so many in so many different categories! I would go with my favourite at the moment, which would be RMS Beauty’s Raw Coconut Cream. It literally does it all. It removes waterproof make up and you can use it again after to moisturise the skin, it even works wonders on sensitive skins and acts as a mild sun protectant. It’s completely natural and organic which is something my clients really care about. You can also use it post make up application for a natural glow on the high points of the face.

What is the best beauty tip that you can give to someone?
Cleansing your face properly! None of this wipes business, but a swift and luxurious routine that will ensure a healthy glowing complexion. No great make-up application started with dirty skin.

What is your favourite beauty/skincare product at Liberty? Again, so many to choose from! And to be honest it changes on a weekly basis! I’m going to be sentimental and pick the lipstick that made me feel amazing on my wedding day, Hourglass’ Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Raven. Other than the skin care I use on a daily basis, I love Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Supplement. It transforms acne prone and damaged skin from being tired to calmed and glowing.

How does a typical day of work go for you?
I check my emails and imminent bookings with my morning coffee, picking up any magazines along the way to see what amazing Liberty products have been featured and what catwalk looks my clients may want to imitate. So many of my ladies and gents are media savvy and want to know if the editor’s picks will be right for them. I catch up with my managers and the brands on the shop floor to see what’s new and what treatments they’re offering. All worthwhile consultations start with coffee and cake, so the Liberty Café is the first stop for my booking when meeting me! Post cake we head down to the shop floor to explore the beauty hall and see what really works for them. I’ll continue this until the end of my day, dependant on what they’ve purchased and whether they want it shipped, I’ll arrange to have it couriered to different locations. Occasionally in the evening I’ll attend a press event with one of our brands.

Who should use the bespoke Liberty beauty shopping service?
Anyone that finds themselves at a loss as to what to do next with their beauty regime and wants an unbiased opinion on what will work for them and their lifestyle. Maybe you want to learn something new, maybe you know what you want but don’t know how to accomplish it. Maybe your make up bag needs a complete overhaul and you need advice on starting all over again. The completely confidential service we offer is completely tailor made for each individual, it truly benefits everyone.

If you’re interested in learning from Kylie about new products to benefit your skin and help achieving those high-fashion looks,  take advantage of this amazing service and arrange your appointment now with 02077341234 ext 2444 or email Your appointment is £80 per two hour appointment, non refundable booking fee redeemable against purchase.


In Detail: Liberty Print Barbour

Wednesday 15th October 2014, 14.00

Take an in-depth look at the four liberty prints used in our latest collection with Barbour.

Barbour has been protecting us from the elements since 1894. In its time the brand has produced everything from biker jackets to macs earning Royal warrants and industry acclaim, plus a collaboration with Liberty which sees two heritage brands come together in a celebration of British fashion and design. Discover the new season prints that are lending Barbour a little Liberty inspiration.


This new season print brings a touch of Oriental inspiration to a heritage Barbour style. Taken from a fabrics impression book from the early 1900s, Pereira was selected by the Liberty Art Fabrics team for A/W14 due to its resemblance to the Oriental carpets at the Burrell collection in Scotland. Packed with symbolism, this floral is a nod to the prints in the Liberty archive.


Wild Flowers
The perfect British-inspired pairing for a Barbour jacket, Wild Flowers Liberty print was initially inspired by a 19th Century book, ‘Field Guide to Wild Flowers in Britain’. Designed by artist Su Blackwell, this print is a joyous recollection of early childhood journeys across the British landscape, and as much a celebration of childhood as well as British art and fashion.


Designed by paper cutting artist Helen Musslewhite, Windrush Liberty fabric is named after the Oxfordshire valley of the same name. Capturing some of the architectural elements of the British countryside as well as conjuring memories of a whimsical childhood, this modern, multi-dimensional floral makes a stylish companion to a classic Barbour Beadnell.


Seth Rankine
Designed in celebration of the trees that represent strength and longevity in our modern world, Seth Rankine Liberty print lends a more stylised, geometric edge to a Barbour jacket. Based on a Liberty archive design from the 1990s, Seth Rankine was re-worked and added to the Atmosphere collection for A/W14, representing just one of the natural forms that make up our environment.

Shop Barbour Liberty online or in-store. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.


Behind the Scenes: Nak Armstrong

Tuesday 7th October 2014, 8.13



Ahead of his exclusive jewellery collection, Liberty goes behind the scenes with Nak Armstrong, one of our most popular designer jewellery brands.

Nak Armstrong

A leading jewellery designer since the 90s, Nak Armstrong has become famous for bold jewellery with a complex yet classic finish. Working with precious gemstones and innovative metalwork, his pieces have an award-winning reputation for mosaic-like, architectural finishes. We went behind the scenes at his Texan workshop to find out how this internationally-coveted label has become such a success.

How have you set out your work space?
We have fully corked walls where I hang my sketches all over the studio; I have to see things up and in front of me to guide me. Ideas come fast and it helps me to edit and it gives me an evolving visual of the direction of the collection.

Has it evolved over the years you have been designing jewellery?
Very much so…much more organised! It’s become less cluttered; I’ve found that when I surround myself with too much stuff, it can hold me back from moving forward. An uncluttered studio allows me to dream.

What are your plans for your next collection?
I always love doing earrings…they’re my passion. Look for more intricate ear jackets and studs as well as some intricate statement earrings. There are also some bold necklaces and intricate pendants as well as some gold cuffs on the horizon.

Where is your favourite place to find gemstones?
The Tucson Gem Show always has the biggest selection in one place but I also look to a few select stone cutters that I work with all around the world who source and cut unusual and one-of-a-kind stones.

How do you keep designs fresh while remaining true to your unique design signature?
I design from my gut; I feel my way through the process rather than trying to intellectualize it too much. But on the flip side I’m fascinated by innovation, inventing new ways to use and set gemstones. Staying true to my design signature generally comes later in the editing process. Although I might love something I’ve designed, it gets cut if it strays too far from the DNA of the brand.

What is your favourite piece from the exclusive liberty collection and why?
I Love the the earring we call the Falling Collar. I think it represents my love for things classic but with a modern edge. The earring sits high on the ear and hinges in an unexpected place; the colors are unexpected, a mosaic of shapes and colour.


Get Creative: Timothy Dunn talks candles

Monday 6th October 2014, 13.07

We spoke to florist and owner of the luxury fragrance candles, Timothy Dunn, during his table arrangement master class at Get Creative about creating a home ambiance, his new scented candles, and his favourite things about Liberty.

As we tend to spend a lot more time indoors during the autumn and winter months, it’s important to create a beautiful and inviting home ambiance that you want to be in. Timothy says,

“I try to create warmth in fragrance, so you want something that’s really cosy.”


Having been driven inside by the poor weather, you want it to be cosy and smelling delicious. Timothy suggests his all-time favourite candle: Samarkand. Filled with a bucketful of aromatic flavours, Samarkand is essentially a fragrance of spicy wood with exotic tea including cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon, enveloped in Madagascan vanilla with musks, frankincense and more. As you can see from listing just a few of the ingredients, a lot of time and precision has been put towards choosing these exotic elements to create each desired aroma.

Expert advice on picking your luxury candle:

“Everyone’s got different tastes; I always look at the interior and décor of people’s places before I would decide what they’re going to go in with. It’s personal, I’m biased of course; I think you should have one of my candles in your house.”

Timothy has a new luxury candle coming out around Christmas time that will also be available all year round called Myrrh Imperial. It’s dark amber base with myrrh oil, black violet, crystal musk and dark truffle to name a few, create a scent that is desirably edible.

“It’s so beautiful; it’s one of those fragrances that you would like to eat it with a spoon.

(Myrrh Imperial) is very, very different, very warm. It’s one of those fragrances that you’ll pick it up and you’ll love it, it’s not one that grows on you. It’s like Marmite, you either like it or you don’t.”

However, besides the deliciously edible scent, this candle features a precious metal covering over the glass encasing, in this case copper. It’s an addition the company have been perfecting for the last two to three years and include gold, platinum and rose gold.

Timothy Dunn have another candle made in collaboration with Take That singer, Gary Barlow, that is yet to be launched. It’s called 220, after the flower shop Timothy owned in Fulham where his career began.

It’s important around Christmas to bring light and warmth into your homes, and the natural scents that jump to mind are orange and cinnamon, but Timothy’s suggestions are to embrace new flavours all year round, particularly at Christmas.

“Everyone thinks that Christmas is cinnamon and orange, and that’s so boring. We’ve got so many more ingredients that are available to you, you just need a little bit of imagination, to come up with something that’s slightly different.”

We wanted to know what was on Timothy’s wish list from Liberty and his immediate response was, “Well I don’t wear them but I love your scarves.” But ultimately, Timothy would love to do a Liberty candle, encompassing the ethos of the store, from the building and the time it was built, to create a candle for Liberty.
“I wanted to take an iconic Liberty print and cover the box in the print and the glass as well. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things we’ve got to get by (for this to happen).”

After further discussion, it seems Timothy can’t get enough of Liberty!

“The key for me, Liberty, compared to a lot of other people, and people that know me: is the staff, you’ve got great staff.
But I’m in love with your fragrance section downstairs actually, and I love the tea room, but I just love the general atmosphere of the whole store
You talk to people in America, everywhere; Liberty is, for a smaller store, it’s not Harrods or one of those big machines: it’s a store for everybody. It’s never changed from the day it opened: it’s still got that same feel about it, still got that same look, and their ethos of what they do is the same.”

During the table arrangement class, Timothy discussed floral arrangements and centring your perfume candle. Try pairing musky and spicy flavours with warm-coloured flowers, and vanilla and rose with white flowers.
After the class, winners were chosen at random to take home the arrangements!




Keep an eye out for Timothy Dunn’s new fragrant candle, Myrrh Imperial, in-store later in the year, and 220, made in collaboration with Gary Barlow. You can also browse Timothy Dunn‘s range in-store or online.