Get Creative: Personalised Gifts

Friday 3rd October 2014, 15.19

We take a look at what’s been happening at Get Creative this week including Alex Monroe bespoke necklaces, jewellery engraving, personalised cutlery and letter pressing.

On the ground floor we have jewellery and fragrance engraving. Some customers took the liberty and bought special Liberty print charm bracelets, then had the silver engraved with names or personal messages.
We’ll be doing this all weekend at Liberty so if you have a loved one’s birthday coming up, or want to be extra organised for Christmas gifts this year before the rush, don’t hesitate to head in-store.


Neighbouring the engraving stand was jewellery hall favourite, Alex Monroe, where custmers could create their own charm necklace. You had the option of gold, silver or rose gold, plus a briolette gemstone and charms. One of our favourites is the popular bumble bee charm – so adorable!
Some of our customers took their Alex Monroe charm necklaces over to the engraving stand and gave it that extra personal touch. You’ll be able to do this too all week with any jewellery item over £80.
If you missed out on creating your bespoke necklace, take a look at our collection of beautiful Alex Monroe jewellery.


Over in Gifts, we had a visit from the stamping masters at The Cutlery Commission. They had many kinds of cutlery on offer for you to choose from and personalise with your own messages. There’s nothing like a little witty addition to your cutlery draw! These make fantastic gifts, so if you didn’t get a chance to pop in today, have a browse of our range from The Cutlery Commission.


We recommend you stop by the workers from Marby & Elm, they’re absolutely charming and will be in-store creating you personalised correspondence cards and note cards with their flatbed Adana letterpress until Saturday afternoon. The retro colours are enough to draw anyone’s eye, cheering up your mail in a unique and fun way.


After seeing all these fantastic creations, why not join us at Get Creative today, tomorrow or Sunday! See what time the workshops are and the other events that are happening in-store. Feel free to post what you’ve created over this weekend, don’t forget to add #GetCreative @LibertyLondon.


Beauty beat: Meet Susanne Kaufmann

Saturday 27th September 2014, 4.30




We meet the woman behind Liberty Beauty’s latest organic skincare brand.

Interview with Susanne Kaufmann

New to Liberty Beauty is the renowned organic skincare line from Susanne Kaufmann.  Formulated using natural ingredients, her collection is rooted in the Alpine tradition of passing down botanical healing remedies that work wonders for your skin.

Susanne was brought up in the family hotel business in the beautiful Bregenz Forest in the valley of the Bregenzerache, Austria. The surrounding botanic life lead her to develop her own line of effective skincare products derived from these Alpine plants and herbs.

We caught up with Susanne Kaufmann to find out about her new products, her favourite treatments, and what the biggest mistake you can make with your skin is.

Interview with Susanne Kaufmann at Liberty

 For those of us who are new to Susanne Kaufmann, can you tell us about the collection?

“We have two new products released in summertime. The first is an Oil-peeling season oil. It’s very nice because it’s actually 2-in-1. You apply onto dry skin, no water, then shower and it runs off like milk; like body lotion. The other is an Anti-cellulite cream. It’s very important to use before it starts, not when it’s already started – good tip! These both work very well together.

Susanne Kaumann body treatments

How long have you been working on this new range of products? Does it take awhile to formulate new, innovative products?

The idea to make a new product, because we love to develop products, the idea’s not something you just get and say we need this or that. Some are quickly developed, but some need a year or two years, sun cream took about 4 years. It depends how difficult the matter is.

How did you get into creating beauty and skincare products? Are your family in the industry as well?

I’m running a hotel in Austria, there’s a long spa history. So we have a spa and in 2003 I run away to the spa. We have 14 treatment rooms; it’s quite big.
Back then I was looking for a natural cosmetic and luckily I found the producer who didn’t take something from the market so we did our own product and started a new line.


The Alpine plant?

Yes. It’s natural, we started to make a natural cosmetic which is very effective and has a modern technique to get out the best of the cream you can get. And we use a lot of Alpine plants and herbs.


What are your favourite products from your company?

A-line, eye cream of the A-line. I would never go somewhere without this little cream.
You can use it night and daytime, normally use in the morning and evening. You can use in the morning like a little mask if you go to bed late or partying. You put a little bit more on and just leave for half an hour then it goes in.


What types of products would you recommend for stressed/tired skin?

It’s a bit difficult because stressed skin you can handle, it’s if the person also has dry or oily skin. But one product for stressed skin which works well is the Face Oil. It balances the skin whether it’s more oily or more dry, so you get the balance, and it has a nice smell. It also makes you feel relaxed. I think that it would be a very good product.


What is the biggest mistake you see being made with people and their skin?

I think… the biggest mistake you can make is if you don’t clean your skin daily, and if you are in a city like London it’s so important to do the right cleansing. And not only cleansing milk, you really need the tonic to cleanse the skin. And here, I need the tonic twice. It’s very important to do a good cleansing, take everything away, before you put on the next make up and so on, because your skin needs to breathe.


Throughout your career, what is the most valuable skin lesson you’ve learnt to achieve healthy skin?

I mean there is not one but I think throughout the years, it’s also what we do in the spa treatment, the holistic way of seeing skin now. If you ask me what can I do to have perfect skin? Sure I can recommend you a product and say, ‘do the peeling and do the mask’, but still it’s the way of life and where you live. The different places you live and how the climate is. So this, and then what you eat, how much you sleep, if you drink alcohol, how much you smoke or if you have a lot of sun. So it’s the holistic way of seeing skin.”


Susanne Kaufmann‘s collection is now available in-store and online. Discover her bestselling products in this edit.


Trending: Emma Bridgewater’s New and Exclusive Pomegranate Collection

Friday 26th September 2014, 12.07




Discover the Hellebore Pomegranate kitchenware collection, a new range by Emma Bridgewater that’s exclusive to Liberty.

Exclusive Emma Bridgewater Pomegranate collection at Liberty

On Friday 26 September, Emma Bridgewater will be joining us in the Dining Room for a personal appearance and signing of her new Hellebore Purple Pomegranate collection.

For the chance to buy some of these stunning pieces signed by Emma herself, visit our store between 1-2pm in the Dining Room on 3rd Floor. Be sure to arrive early to avoid missing out on this exclusive opportunity.

Emma has specially created an exclusive new pattern for us: a beautifully warm Pomegranate design that’s perfect for adorning your dining room this autumn. Emma’s inspiration for this range came from time she spent in Istanbul, where the strong earthy colours of the fruit caught her eye.

‘When I came home, I went to the covered market in Oxford, bought some, sliced them and started to draw them. I longed to recreate that stunning glamour and colour.’ – Emma Bridgewater.

Following last year’s exclusive Liberty print Wallflower Emma Bridgewater collection, we’re very excited about this next collection!

Discover the  Hellebore Purple Pomegranate collection online.



Liberty News: Vogue Fashion Night Out

Wednesday 24th September 2014, 16.21

The Vogue Fashion Night Out round-up, hosted by Liberty

Vogue FNO

Last night saw Liberty put on a fashion-tastic event in celebration of the 6th Vogue Fashion Night Out London. Special guests Laura Bailey, Tia Ward and Alexandra Shulman dropped by to see Henry Holland launch his collection at Liberty (and engineer a walk-off), and chat to Yasmin Sewell about her latest lines for Être Cécile.

Shoppers were treated to healthy baked treats by Hemsley & Hemsley and frozen cocktail popsicles by Mahiki Lic, while listening to the sounds of DJ Richard Sloan.Wah Nails, Sian Richards of the London Brush Company and the Liberty scarf styling team were also on hand to make sure everyone looked catwalk and #LibertyScarfSelfie ready.

henry holland

laura bailey

hemsley and hemsley

yasmin sewell

sian richards